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Meet The Couples On 'Temptation Island'

The four couples  — Ashley Rodriguez and Lascelles Lagares, Iris Jardiel and Luke Weshselberger, Gillian Lieberman and Edgar De Santiago, and Ash Lamiroult and Hania Stocker — are all grappling with issues in their relationships, including insecurity, codependency, and indecisiveness.

By Tyler McCarthy
Ti Season 4 Couples

Is a relationship strong enough to survive temptation? Or is it time for a breakup?

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That’s the question always asked in “Temptation Island,” and the new season, airing Wednesdays at 10/9c on USA, is no exception. Season 4 brings a new group of couples to paradise to see if their relationships are as strong as they think — or if the allure of some steamy singles can make them rethink everything. 

Joining host Mark L. Walberg in Maui this season are four couples, each at a different crossroads in their relationships. Should they take another step toward marriage, or seek the things their partner is lacking with one (or more) of the 24 single men and women there to tempt them into something new? 

Season 4 promises a lot of growth, introspection and, of course, sexy straying from significant others who weren’t the rock-solid partners they thought they were. Get to know the four couples who volunteered to put their relationships to the test and find out whether they’ll be leaving the island together, alone, or with someone entirely new. 

Ti Season 4 Couples Ash Hania

Ash & Hania
Dating: 1.5 years
Ages: Ash 28, Hania 30

Hania Stocker is a garden designer from Santa Fe who first met his girlfriend, Ash Lamiroult, through mutual friends before attempting to slide into their DMs. However, Ash never responded until they matched on a dating app. More than a year later, they’re going strong as a couple but their relationship is about to be tested when Ash moves to Brooklyn for work. 

While their connection is undeniable and their passion for one another burns bright, Ash describes them as being at “an impasse” when it comes to taking their relationship to the next level after Hania made his interest in exploring an open relationship known. 

In order to see if their connection remains as strong when they’re not face-to-face all the time, Ash had the idea for them to explore their boundaries on “Temptation Island.” 

Will they realize they can’t live without each other, or will distance and new connections with other people drive them apart? 


Ti Season 3 Couples Lascelles Ashley

Ashley & Lascelles
Dating: 7 years
Ages: Ashley 26, Lascelles 27

Ashley Rodriguez, a professional content producer, met fellow Queens resident Lascelles Lagares, a recruiter and personal trainer, when he sent her an unsolicited selfie to prove that he was both a real person and interested in getting to know her. She immediately fell for what she describes as his “unique” and “catchy” personality, which he characterizes as “corny, but what’s wrong with that?”

Although they have a somewhat co-dependent relationship, they’re seven years in and Ashley still doesn’t have a ring on her finger. So, she decided to go with him to “Temptation Island” in the hopes that a journey of self exploration will give them both whatever kick they need to bring their relationship to the next level. 

They say they’re “unbreakable” and “in this for the long run,” but they’re going to the island with very different intentions. While she wants to grow and become a better version of herself, Lascelles hopes they can find some independence from one another. 

Will their differing personal goals make them stronger for one another, or will their respective journeys take them in opposite directions?

Ti Season 4 Couples Gillian Edgar

Gillian & Edgar
Dating: 3 years
Ages: Gillian 21, Edgar 23

Gillian Lieberman and Edgar De Santiago are college sweethearts who have been together since graduating from Ball State University. 

After school, they both faced trust issues in their relationship but managed to get through them thanks to their “unbreakable bond.” However, they’re going into “Temptation Island” having already faced some tough truths about their relationship. Although their rule is that anything beyond a kiss with someone else “isn’t really necessary,” they both admit that “mistakes” will likely be made as they try to see if they’ve outgrown their college romance or if they should graduate to the next level. 

Will the bond they made in their youth hold strong, or will the process of growing up make them grow apart?

Ti Season 4 Couples Iris Luke

Iris & Luke
Dating: 5 years
Ages: Iris 26, Luke 29

Entrepreneurs Iris Jardiel and Luke Wechselberger first met while she was dating one of his friends. After meeting him, though, she fell head-over-heels and they’ve been together ever since. However, after so long together, they’re hoping “Temptation Island” will help them discover whether it’s safe to take things a step further.

Jealousy and temptation outside the relationship have led to two breaks between them. As they wonder if they should be picking out engagement rings, Iris had the idea to test their waters in Maui to see if they’ve truly learned from their past mistakes, or if they’re doomed to fall back into old habits. Before they can do that, though, Iris needs Luke to open up emotionally and he needs her to be more secure in herself.

Will they be able to become the people they need to be for one another, or will they find singles who want to be with them exactly as they are?

Catch Season 4 of "Temptation Island," airing Wednesdays at 10/9c on USA.

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