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‘My Rules Are To Not Have Any’: Who Are The Singles On ‘Temptation Island’ Season 4?

The singles on Season 4 of "Temptation Island" are an eclectic bunch — find out why they wanted to visit the island.

By Becca van Sambeck
Ti Season4 Singles Promote Split

Look, we’re all rooting for the four couples who visit “Temptation Island” to stay together and prove their love … most of the time. You can’t blame us, though! The 12 singles each half of the couple lives with are pretty tempting! 

How to Watch

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So, who are the singles who are hoping to seduce the couples on Season 4? Keep on reading to meet the gorgeous men and women, and learn more about where they're from, what makes them special, and why they're on the island. 

The Men:

Andrew Kujawski 

Ti Season4 Singles Andrew Kujawski

CITY: Land O' Lakes, FL 

OCCUPATION: Media Strategist 

AGE: 29 

A fraternal twin who comes from a large, athletic family, Andrew is a successful media strategist always in search of a new opportunity. After taking some time to heal from his previous relationship, this six-foot-one "yes man" is ready for a woman who is adventurous but also loves a good night in. 

Taylor Patrick

Ti Season4 Singles Taylor Patrick

CITY: Pompano Beach, FL 

OCCUPATION: Fitness Instructor 

AGE: 25 

Taylor is the ultimate life of the party with a big heart.  A social butterfly whose last relationship proved too controlling, this fitness instructor and proud dog dad is looking to meet new people and break the relationship patterns that have failed him in the past.  

Blake Blumenshine

Ti Season4 Singles Blake Blumeshine

CITY: Tampa, FL 

OCCUPATION: Bartender 

AGE: 26 

A former Illinois farm boy, Blake is a bartender and Navy veteran. He deployed three times and earned a special achievement medal for saving a man's life. After traveling the world, this guitar-serenading Romeo is looking for woman to settle down with, but his Rockstar vibe seems to get in the way. 

Brian Gajeski 

Ti Season4 Singles Brian Gajeski

CITY: Green Bay, WI 


AGE: 33 

On paper, gym owner Brian checks off all the boxes with his sweet midwestern charm and passion for helping people feel good about themselves. Since calling things off with his ex-fiancé six years ago, Brian is ready to start a family and hopes to find a lady who is willing to swap her for phone out for genuine, face-to-face connection.  

George Maxey

Ti Season4 Singles George Maxey

CITY: Miami, FL 


AGE: 29 

Raised by his parents who were both school principals, George understood that both brains and brawn were essential to his success. He is an NFL draft pick who played a season with the Bears, and then became an analyst for the Dolphins, all while perfecting his cooking skills along the way. George admits that he is a player both on and off the field and sees Temptation Island as the ultimate test to his flirting game. 

Tommy Soltis

Ti Season4 Singles Tommy Soltis

CITY: Hollister, CA 

OCCUPATION: Firefighter 

AGE: 25 

A self-proclaimed thrill-seeker, Tommy is a firefighter/EMT who has traveled the world, visiting over 12 countries chasing new adventures. Now that he is stable in his career and finances, he is convinced that the only thing missing in his life is love. 

Mike Melnick

Ti Season4 Singles Mike Melnick

CITY: Marina Del Rey, CA 

OCCUPATION: Software Sales/DJ 

AGE: 29 

A Berkeley graduate with quintessential west coast looks, Mike is more than meets the eye.  He combined his skills in tech sales with his passion for music to successfully launch a videography company for concert events. Having worked on himself post-breakup, Mike is ready to open his heart and discover what it means to love again.  

James Patterson

Ti Season4 Singles James Patterson

CITY: Juniper, FL 

OCCUPATION: Personal Trainer 

AGE: 26 

A physically fit Army brat, James is as sweet as they come. This former football player successfully parlayed his years of training into a successful online fitness business. James wears his heart on his sleeve and does not hold back if he is feeling a connection.  

Evan Favors

Ti Season4 Singles Evan Favors

CITY: Sacramento, CA 

OCCUPATION: Executive Recruiter 

AGE: 30 

The former football star turned executive recruiter, turned fitness fanatic loves to hit the outdoors, sing karaoke and nerd-out on nature documentaries when he is not in the gym. Rocked by the abrupt ending of a six-year relationship, Evan hopes the ladies are ready for a mature relationship with a well-rounded man. 

Orazio "Ray Rock" Iannacone

Ti Season4 Singles Orazio Ray Rock Iannacone

CITY: Bronx, NY 

OCCUPATION: NY Board of Elections 

AGE: 28 

Orazio "Ray Rock" Iannacone is the ultimate Italian loverboy with a heart of gold. He has a loyal family, writes poetry and loves romantic movies. Always a confident ladies' man, Ray Rock is ready for his own fairytale ending with a special woman who will reciprocate the love and energy he puts into a relationship.

Mike Pedro

Ti Season4 Singles Mike Pedro

CITY: Long Island, NY 

OCCUPATION: Machine Operator 

AGE: 29 

Mike is a straight shooter who brings a lot to the table in his relationships: he is honest, loyal, and looking for a real, emotional connection with a woman. Ready to meet "the one" and face relationship challenges head-on, Mike is hoping for the adventure of a lifetime.  

Tevin Lopez

Ti Season4 Singles Tevin Lopez

CITY: Queens, NY 


AGE: 27 

Tevin grew up a devoted son and brother to his twin sister, working hard during his high school years to support his family. Single for five years, Tevin knows that he is a total catch because of his ability to make people laugh. When it comes to flirting, he believes you miss every shot you do not take, and he does not miss very many shots. 

The Women:

Alexa Coppola

Ti Season4 Singles Alexa Coppola

CITY: Oradell, NJ


AGE: 23

Alexa is an outspoken New Jersey girl ready for love. Through her work hard, play hard mentality, she earned her real estate license at 19. This social butterfly isn't one to stay home waiting for Mr. Right. She's always out with her friends, trying new experiences and meeting new men. Never single for long, she hopes to find that special someone.

Brianna Hile

Ti Season4 Singles Brianna Hile

CITY: Las Vegas, NV 

OCCUPATION: Veterinary Assistant 

AGE: 28   

Brianna is a veterinary assistant who loves the outdoors.  Focusing on personality over looks, she is searching for someone who is funny, secure, and able to communicate their feelings. Brianna is ready to trade the tourist trap dating pool of her native Las Vegas for the opportunity to find something real. 

Emily Burkun

Ti Season4 Singles Emily Burkun

CITY: New York, NY 

OCCUPATION: Registered Nurse 

AGE: 29 

Emily is a registered nurse from New York City who has spent most of her life caring for others. Her hectic work schedule has made dating challenging, but she is finally ready to take some time for herself and meet a man.  With a quirky and unique personality, Emily hopes to show her fun side outside the hustle and bustle of her NYC life.  

Karyna Auletta 

Ti Season4 Singles Karyna Auletta

CITY: Irvine, CA 

OCCUPATION: Mental Health Therapist 

AGE: 27 

Karyna is a Florida native who knows how to pick quality men. Refusing to date just anyone, this mental health therapist knows she is a catch and is determined to make worthy admirers fall in love with her.  

Kryslyn Renee

Ti Season4 Singles Kryslyn Renee

CITY: Dallas, TX 

OCCUPATION: Model/Waitress 

AGE: 22 

After being cheated on by her high school sweetheart, model Kryslyn refuses to settle for less. She is a self-proclaimed spiritualist who turns to tarot cards and birth charts to understand the men she dates. Highly competitive, Kryslyn is aggressive in her pursuits, so long as they align with her frequency. 

Madelyn Rusinyak

Ti Season4 Singles Madelyn Rusinyak

CITY: Carrollton, GA 

OCCUPATION: Yoga Teacher 

AGE: 24 

Madelyn is a free-spirited yoga instructor and environmentalist who went vegan almost five years ago to help save the planet.  Hoping to escape the confines of her rural Georgia town and see the world, she is ready to experience life with her true love by her side.

Marissa Rodriguez

Ti Season4 Singles Marissa Rodriguez

CITY: Wilmington, NC 

OCCUPATION: Real Estate Agent 

AGE: 26 

Marissa is a real estate agent and passionate romantic with a heart of gold.  Enjoying single life after finally breaking things off with her high school sweetheart, she is a relationship girl at her core. Marissa vows to put herself first in every relationship moving forward and is ready for a new, meaningful connection.  

Meghan Pilkington

Ti Season4 Singles Meghan Pilkington

CITY: Massapequa, NY 

OCCUPATION: Recent Masters Grad 

AGE: 23 

Meghan is more than meets the eye.  She is athletic, competitive and a self-proclaimed nerd.  She recently graduated with a master's degree to become a Speech Language Pathologist and feels that the only thing missing in her life is the right partner.    

Olivia Chapman

Ti Season4 Singles Olivia Chapman

CITY: Los Angeles, CA 

OCCUPATION: Model/Professional Roller Skater 

AGE: 23 

Olivia is a free spirit who strives to live each day to the fullest.  A professional roller skater who is used to winning, she is not afraid of healthy competition and hopes to find a guy that will compliment her nomadic lifestyle back home.  

Paige Whisenant

Ti Season4 Singles Paige Whisenant

CITY: Los Angeles, CA 

OCCUPATION: Personal Assistant 

AGE: 30 

A petite Texan with a firecracker personality, Paige is looking to thrive with someone who will celebrate her independence. Full of energy and wit, she is everyone's best friend who hopes to become a special someone's Mrs. Right.  

Reilly Moeller 

Ti Season4 Singles Reilly Moeller

CITY: Davenport, IA 

OCCUPATION: Esthetician  

AGE: 24 

Pageant star Reilly is always ready to brighten someone's day.  Criticized for her looks growing up, this esthetician has evolved and has placed in the top five in Miss Iowa USA on three occasions. She wants her suitors to know she is more than a pretty face, as she plays 10 different instruments, enjoys mixed media sculpting and loves stirring the pot.  

Trace Winningham

Ti Season4 Singles Trace Winningham

CITY: Los Angeles, CA 

OCCUPATION: Model/Entrepreneur 

AGE: 27 

Trace is a driven Texan who is not looking to settle down but hoping to find her equal.  Though people often misconstrue her confident, tell-it-like-it-is personality as rude, she is a softy at her core. Raised in a military family who prioritized traveling, Trace plans to pass on similar experiences to her future children.  

"Temptation Island" airs Wednesdays at 10 p.m. ET on USA Network. Catch up now on USA Network.

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