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Every Temptation Island Couple Who Stayed Together — And Where They Are Now

Some of the couples who come to Temptation Island stay together, but what's happened since they left the island?

By Tyler McCarthy
Ti Couples Who Stayed Together

Every couple that comes to Temptation Island ultimately has to make one of three choices: They can leave alone, leave with someone they met on the island, or leave with the person they arrived with. 

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Although the structure of the show seems designed to make people in already troubled relationships finally decide to move on from their significant other, a handful of participants have resisted temptation and ultimately decided to love the one they’re with. 

However, just because they leave and cameras stop rolling doesn’t mean that their love stories are over. Let's circle back to the couples who have left Temptation Island together and find out where they ended up years later. 

Luke Wechselberger and Iris Jardiel 

Ti Couples Who Stayed Together2

The single success story to come out of Temptation Island, Season 4, Luke and Iris came to the island with a lot of issues they needed to work through. She had a lot of expectations for her partner that he was struggling to live up to. While on the island, she learned to take a step back and not project her insecurities about what other people will think onto Luke. That said, although Iris' standards were high and coming from the wrong place, Luke still had a lot of growing up to do to be a worthy partner. Both managed to avoid some pretty hefty temptation on the island and ultimately reunited at the final bonfire where he proposed. 

It seemed like they would live happily ever after, and even said as much at the reunion where they shared some details about how their wedding planning was going. However, their troubles weren't done there. Soon social media posts led fans to speculate that they had ended their engagement. They finally addressed those rumors on her YouTube channel in November of 2022 where they revealed they'd briefly split up but had since gotten back together.

Iris later went on Kaci Campbell's It's Tempting podcast and told the real story. She claims she discovered he was being flirtatious with other women, which led to their split. One month after the YouTube video dropped, Luke called for a split again while he went and traveled the world. While they were apart, Iris met a new guy but put that connection on ice while she made one more attempt to reconcile with Luke, which led to the posting of a hilarious dinner date in Thailand. However, she revealed she discovered on that trip he had lied to her about sleeping with other women and tried to hide it. Luke, meanwhile, claims he only went out on a date with someone.

Regardless, they're now broken up and she's moved on with a new man. 

Javen Butler and Shari Ligons

Javen Butler And Shari Ligons

One of the most notable couples to leave the island as a pair in Season 1 were high school sweethearts Javen and Shari. They came to the island to see if the bond they’ve had since childhood would be enough to carry them through the rest of their lives. 

Before coming on the show, they faced some difficulties, with Javen having cheated on Shari in the past. However, he clearly learned his lesson and managed to resist the allure of the single ladies in his villa. At the final bonfire, the duo was overjoyed to be reunited and he took that moment to get down on one knee and pop the question. 

She said yes, and when the show caught up with them six months later, they were in the midst of planning their lavish wedding. However, when they returned for the Season 2 reunion, they revealed that, although they were still engaged, they hit pause on wedding planning. Still, it didn’t seem like there was any strife between them. They even launched a podcast titled “Shari & Javen,” where they discuss pop culture, their relationship and, of course, “Temptation Island.” 

In 2020, their followers on social media speculated that they’d called off their engagement when the podcast took a hiatus and single Justin Sturm claimed he and Shari hooked up on the island but managed to avoid getting caught by the cameras. Javen seemed to confirm this rumor when he called her a cheater on Twitter, according to “TheCheatSheet.”

She took to social media to seemingly imply they split up, but that was either not the case or they’ve since worked things out. In 2022, they released another episode of their podcast to discuss a trip they took to Yosemite. Since then, they've continued to post a lot of content on their YouTube channel where they note they are still together and engaged. 

Rick Fleur and Ashley Goldson

Rick Fleur and Ashley Goldson

Ashley and Rick didn’t exactly have the most romantic love story on Temptation Island. He almost immediately upset her when he declared in front of everyone that he would not “handcuff her” if she wanted to explore a romantic connection with another person. While he thought that was the whole point of coming on Temptation Island, she felt it was too dismissive of their relationship. 

This hurt led Ashley to have sex with Kalaan Brown on the first night, which was a hard blow for Rick. Still, he didn’t immediately stray. Instead, he kept things very respectful but eventually allowed himself to pursue things with Medinah Ali. 

When the time came for the final bonfire, Rick and Ashley were not in a good place and clearly had a lot to work through. However, in their conversation with host Mark L. Walberg, they came to the conclusion that there was still a lot of love between them and they made the surprising decision to leave the island together. 

Unfortunately, it was short-lived. By the reunion, they had split up once again and he said he was open to exploring things with Medinah. Rick and Medinah even shared a quick kiss at the reunion. However, that too eventually fizzled out. Today, Medinah seems to be single and hosts her own podcast titled "Cocktales."

Today, it seems like Rick and Ashley are both single.

Chelsea Orcutt and Thomas Gipson

Thomas Gipson and Chelsea Orcutt

After they both shared extremely intimate connections with other singles on the island, many who tuned into Season 3 believed Chelsea and Thomas were going to break up at the final bonfire. After all, they went on the show hoping to fix trust issues between them and only succeeded in creating more during their time apart. However, they shocked everyone when they made the decision to leave the island together. 

At the reunion, they were still in a relationship, but not exactly going strong. After viewing what happened on the show, they were working through a new host of issues. She even said that the love between them may not be enough. 

However, according to their Instagram pages, they persevered and remain together. He shared an image of himself and Chelsea getting cozy on a trip to Solvang, California in January of 2022. That same month, she too shared an image of her and Thomas from the same trip. Most recently, they showed up together at the wedding of Kristen Ramos and Julian Allen, but more on that later.

Erin Smith and Corey Sobczyk

Corey Sobczyk and Erin Smith

Erin and Corey came to the island with a lot of problems between them that stemmed from his insecurity as well as her expectations of him. 

However, while on the island they never really lost sight of each other and it seemed like everything was going to be peaches between them after the show ended. As with many couples on Temptation Island, though, the reunion shattered those expectations. 

Erin revealed that mere days before they were supposed to take the reunion stage, he admitted that he had been lying to her about his final date night with Amanda Spain-Butts. Although they didn’t hook up, he was afraid to tell her how intimate they got. That didn’t bode well for a woman who was already questioning his ability to “man up” and take their relationship seriously. 

“I have to walk away,” Erin told him at the reunion.

Surprisingly, the duo seemingly worked through their issues and remained together on social media after the reunion aired. However, ultimately, it wasn’t meant to be. 

In March of 2022, Erin and Season 1 Temptation Island cast member Kaci Campbell started the It’s Tempting podcast where she revealed that she and Corey broke up in July. 

“There was something that happened in July that solidified us not being together and us never getting back together,” she explained. 

She declined to go into more detail but noted that she wishes Corey the best in life and that she hopes he wishes her the same.

Kristen Ramos and Julian Allen

Julian Allen and Kristen Ramos

While the couples around them were struggling, Kristen and Julian remained strong and actually used their time on Temptation Island to solidify the bond they had. Both took the directive to have an eye toward personal growth very seriously.

Not only did Julian, with the help of the single ladies, confront his past mistakes, he took accountability for them as well. By the time the final bonfire rolled around, he was a changed man and his proposal felt inevitable. She said yes and fans will be happy to learn they are still going as strong as ever. 

In July of 2022, the duo finally tied the knot in a lavish and beautiful wedding that was attended by a handful of their fellow Temptation Island friends. All in all, it was a true happy ending for a couple from Temptation Island

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This story was originally published on May 2, 2022. It was updated on June 15, 2023.

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