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The Final Bonfires On 'Temptation Island' Lead To A Jaw-Dropping Breakup – And Multiple Proposals

Viewers finally see whether Lascelles Lagares will go home with Ashley Rodriguez or Trace Winningham.

By Becca van Sambeck
Edgar And Gillian at their Final Bonfire

In the previous episode of "Temptation Island" Season 4, the final bonfires had arrived. Gillian Lieberman went off the island alone, while Edgar De Santiago opted to leave with Marissa Rodriguez. But it's unclear what will actually happen with Lascelles Lagares and Ashley Rodriguez — especially as she just revealed she's open to leaving with him, even after he spent the whole time on the island declaring his love for Trace Winningham.

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So, what does Lascelles have to say to that? He'd rather leave with Trace, he admits! Ashley is appalled (although how can be she that surprised? She's watched Lascelles and Trace exchange "I love yous!"). She angrily cuts him off to tell host Mark L. Walberg she'd like to change her answer.

"Deep down inside I just want to leave by myself and walk away. I love how independent I am by myself. My life after this is going to look amazing," she declares. Good for her!

Lascelles tells Trace his decision, and the two are both thrilled to explore the "something special" they have together. Ashley has a point however when she laments Lascelles' decision in an interview: "How can you jump into a new relationship? When have you healed?" she asks.

Then, it's time to move onto another couple: Ash Lamiroult and Hania Stocker. As we know, Hania wanted to explore an open relationship but quickly changed his mind after watching Ash — reeling from their knowledge of his past infidelities — fall for Taylor Patrick on the island. Hania even bought them an engagement ring? But will they accept it?

Ash confronts Hania with how furious they are about his past indiscretions, noting they feel like he doesn't listen to them. Hania admits he wasn't, and he apologizes profusely for his past behavior. Ash is clearly deeply upset, but Hania seemingly decides to put it all out there, pulling out the ring. 

Obviously, they turn him down, crying as they say no. Ash admits they just had a very intense connection with Taylor and they aren't ready for this. Ash declares they want to leave the island single. Hania does as well, heartbroken by his failed engagement gambit.

We know Hania isn't the only one who bought a ring, though: Luke Wechselberger has also decided to propose to Iris Jardiel. During their final bonfire, Iris notes she's gotten stronger and more self-confident through this experience, and that while she's had to make some efforts in their relationship, she consistently heard him dismiss her concerns about his past indiscretions on the show. It hurt her, and she needs to know she can trust him.

Luke reassures her he won't text other girls ever again and that he's realized he needs to be a better partner for her. As always, he loves announcing that he's grown so much and insists he wants an opportunity to show it. Iris accepts, and the two decide to leave the island together.

But as they walk off together, he has another surprise: Flower petals are strewn all over the place, and Luke drops down on one knee.

"I want you to be my girl forever and ever," he tells Iris. 

She, of course, happily says yes. The two are now engaged!

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