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2 Men Buy Engagement Rings On The Latest Episode Of 'Temptation Island' — Will It Work?

On the new episode of "Temptation Island" Season 4, the couples get to go on one last date with the singles. Understandably, it gets real emotional real fast.

By Becca van Sambeck
Luke Buying An Engagement Ring

On "Temptation Island," the bonfires provide the couples an opportunity to see what their significant other has gotten up to on the island without them. This knowledge can help them on their journey toward growth — and decide whether or not they really want to continue dating that person. In Season 4, the final bonfires in particular have left everyone utterly rattled. How will that affect their ultimate decisions? Let's see what happened in Season 4, Episode 9.

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Gillian Lieberman, for one, is utterly furious after watching Edgar De Santiago have, uh, very loud sex with another woman, Marissa Rodriguez. "This is the other side of Edgar!" she fumes, referring to the time he cheated on her. She tosses the promise ring during her rant, noting they explicitly made a rule not to have sex.

By the time she ends up at the villa, she's still livid, announcing to the single guys her boyfriend was the "first to have sex ... to violently f*** someone!" (Deac Conti's look of utter confusion during her speech is gold.) The other women complain about what they saw in their clips, too, with Ash Lamiroult ultimately taking Taylor Patrick to the side to ask if he's "done being weird." As you may recall, Taylor seemed to get upset when Ash alluded to potentially going home with boyfriend Hania Stocker. Taylor insists, though, he was more upset because Ash has a lot of insecurities and he doesn't want to be "a drug" for them. That is actually, on one hand, a fair point: Ash did jump right from Hania to Taylor, and has admitted to struggling with self-love. But it also potentially seems like Taylor is setting them up for a breakup?

Over at the men's villa, Hania isn't exactly having a great time. He has mostly been flirting with Karyna Auletta while on the island, and she gets visibly annoyed when Hania compliments some of the single girls on having "amazing butts." A heated exchange follows, with some of the women stepping in to defend Karyna, saying he shouldn't yell at women and that he is a terrible listener.

"No wonder Ash has moved on," they snark in a confessional.

Lascelles Lagares is striking out, too. He has gone full throttle into a relationship with Trace Winningham, but seems to now realize he should really have a conversation with his girlfriend of seven years, Ashley Rodriguez, before entirely ditching her. Trace feels annoyed by the back and forth, and thinks Lascelles has been playing her. The night doesn't end on a good note for either of them.

Then, it's time for the final dates: Each person gets 24 hours with the single of their choice. Iris Jardiel picks Deac Conti, Ash goes for Taylor, Gillian asks Tommy Soltis, and Ashley picks Blake Blumenshine. No surprises there!

It's interesting, though, because the date selection is a relaxed process over at the women's villa. However, for the guys, there is a lot more tension and second guessing. Edgar happily picks Marissa and Luke breezily chooses Paige Whisenant; but Lascelles expresses fear Trace won't go on the final date with him, and Hania initially gets crickets when he asks Karyna.

Ultimately, though, both women decide to go on the date — even though they make their hesitancy clear.

The dates do look very romantic: Ash and Taylor have a relaxing spa day, Iris and Deac drive in a convertible to a gorgeous mansion, Gillian and Tommy go ziplining hand in hand, Gillian and Edgar ride horses, Lascelles and Trace have a cliffside dinner at sunset, and so on. But these dates are all haunted by tough conversations. Deac tells Iris she needs to hold Luke to a higher standard, while Trace tells Lascelles off for not being "considerate with her heart."

The most clear conversation, though, happens between Gillian and Tommy. She alludes to wanting to leave the island with him, but Tommy makes it clear he doesn't want to do that. He claims it's because she's too young and doesn't know what she wants, but that rejection has got to sting for Gillian, especially as she knows Edgar and her likely aren't walking off into the sunset together.

But maybe she doesn't know that for sure because despite all odds, Hania seems to believe Ash will still want to leave with him. In fact, he believes it so strongly he goes and BUYS AN ENGAGEMENT RING. Ash didn't even want to leave him a video message, is completely head over heels for Taylor, and has heard all about how he cheated. Does this really seem like a wise move, Hania?

Luke Wechselberger accompanies Hania, and something about Hania's optimism seems to move him. He decides to buy a ring, too, to propose to Iris. He has a better shot at Hania, I suppose, but it still makes me nervous!

So, will either of the women say yes to these shocking proposals? We'll have to wait until next week to find out.

"Temptation Island" airs Wednesdays at 10 p.m. ET on USA Network. Catch up now on USA Network.

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