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'I Want To Make Things Work': It's Time For The Couples To Reunite On 'Temptation Island'

On "Temptation Island," one of the couples is at a crossroads after an emotional conversation about what happened on the island.

By Becca van Sambeck
Edgar And Gillian at their Final Bonfire

It's the moment all of us "Temptation Island" fans have been waiting for: It's time for the couples of Season 4 to be reunited — and decide whether to leave the island alone, together, or with someone else entirely. Of course, they can't make that decision without having heartfelt conversations with the singles they've made the greatest connections with during their time on the island.

What Happened During Season 4, Episode 10 of "Temptation Island"?

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Well, we know Hania Stocker bought an engagement ring for some reason, so it's unlikely a conversation with Karyna Auletta will change his mind. Instead, he cries as he tells her she helped him "survive this" (by which he presumably means living and partying in a gorgeous villa in Hawaii for a few weeks). Karyna tells him she hopes he won't forget what he learned and that he treats Ash Lamiroult right. Good advice!

Lascelles Lagares reassures Trace Winningham it won't be their last conversation, but he doesn't fully commit to leaving the island with her. It's a similar situation with Edgar De Santiago, who tells Marissa Rodriguez he's blessed to know her and has so much love for her. It's Marissa who ends up crying later, as she admits she messed up by not telling him directly that she wants him to choose her.

As for Luke Wechselberger, he tells Paige Whisenant he knows he's putting himself on the line by proposing to Iris Jardiel, but he's happy about it: He's committing himself fully to her and knows it's the right move. Paige is encouraging, although she reveals in a confessional she'd be open to dating Luke if the proposal goes awry.

The coupled women have equally dramatic conversations. Ashley Rodriguez thanks Blake Blumenshine for teaching her "a whole new way to share love," while Gillian Lieberman and Tommy Soltis leave it as "it's not 'goodbye,' it's 'see you later.'" He's insistent they'll hang out again, but it's clear she would like for things to be, well, more, and he doesn't want that.

Taylor Patrick and Ash have a very tearful goodbye, where he insists he really cares about them and encourages them not to fall back with Hania. Ash seems to think this is a test from him to show love, but again, it seems likely Taylor doesn't want to further their emotional connection off the island, as host Mark L. Walberg would put it.

Then, it's time for the couples to finally meet. Gillian and Edgar reunite first, and what follows is a tense and awkward conversation. While Gillian thanks Edgar for being a great partner, she conveys her fury and hurt at watching him sleep with Marissa. Edgar is defensive, insisting being with Marissa was "an active choice" and he only connected deeper with her because Gillian hurt him by being flippant about the promise ring. He equates it as being as painful as Gillian seeing him have sex, which Gillian scoffs at. (She also denies ever sleeping with Tommy and notes it was Edgar who broke their rules, not her.)

He also tells her that, ultimately, she hurt him most by insisting they come to "Temptation Island" in the first place. It's clear there's no going back from this. Gillian leaves the island alone (after a very awkward hug, which gets worse when Edgar asks for a kiss and Gillian denies him) while Edgar ultimately decides to leave with Marissa.

Lascelles and Ashley are up next. Lascelles insists he had Ashley on his mind all the time, but tells her about Trace, saying she may have seen her in a couple of the bonfire clips. ("All of them," she says with a snort.) Trace, he says, challenges him to become a better version of himself. Ashley shoots back that she thought about Lascelles all the time, but she also met someone who helped her grow: Blake. She doesn't deny that the bonfire clips where Lascelles told Trace he was in love were very painful, but ultimately Lascelles convinces Ashley it's her fault for not giving him space to grow and be himself, as Trace does.

"Now I kinda see I took advantage of you. I could've been better," she cries. What?! This is shocking, as Lascelles is the one who fell in love with someone else, yet Ashley is insistent it must be her fault. 

Then, she tells him she wants to leave the island together and make it work. What will Lascelles say? We have to wait until next week to see.

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