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Edgar and Marissa Left 'Temptation Island' Together — What Does She Think About The Relationship Now?

Edgar De Santiago left "Temptation Island" with Marissa Rodriguez after splitting with Gillian Lieberman, but did it last?

By Tyler McCarthy
Marissa with a sullen look on her face a the Temptation Island Reunion

It was revealed at the “Temptation Island" Season 4 reunion that Edgar De Santiago still had unresolved feelings for his now ex-girlfriend, Gillian Lieberman, that he had to work out before he could properly move on with his new flame, Marissa Rodriguez

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After seeing Gillian get hot and heavy with Tommy Soltis in her villa, Edgar decided to pursue his feelings for Marissa and enter an intimate, physical relationship. He ultimately decided to split with Gillian and leave the island with Marissa, but in the reunion, it came out that it didn’t last long. 

Speaking to USA Insider, Marissa explained how things fizzled out in the weeks after cameras stopped rolling ahead of the reunion. 

“So, after filming, we did keep in touch almost every day,” she explained. “We definitely FaceTimed a lot and texted a lot.” 

She said Edgar had warned her he wasn’t the best at texting while they were on the island, which she experienced firsthand.

“I’m always on my phone so like, it was kind of annoying because he’d be really short in text,” Marissa said. “Then, when we’d FaceTime, it was like no time had passed. He’d send me coffee and food to my job and stuff.”

Despite being sweet to her and courting her from afar, she could tell Edgar was reluctant to meet up in person after the island, which she believes had to do with his unresolved situation with Gillian. 

“Then, after a while, it kind of fell off. He was saying he was going to come visit and see what happens,” Marissa said. “I already had a feeling because I knew this was Edgar’s first serious relationship and since I’ve had a serious relationship, I totally understand.” 

But I got this feeling that everything just hit him after the show and he obviously had feelings still for Gillian. So, we kind of slowed down on the talking and …  I mean, we’re still friends. We’re still close. He’s good, he’s a good guy, but just nothing really happened after that. I think he just needs to live his life on his own and do his own thing, which I get. So, there are no hard feelings," she concluded.

Although things are not currently moving forward between Marissa and Edgar, she made it clear she’s not closing the door on the possibility of something crystalizing between them in the future. 

“I would be super open to it! I know he’s like, younger-ish, so I mean, he’s got his life to live and I would never want to hold him back,” she said. “But sure, in the future. I’m still single. I’m looking for a partner in life and, you know, I’m ready!”

Marissa kept in touch with Edgar but gave him space to work through his breakup with Gillian, which of course begs the question of whether she and Edgar’s now-ex have had any conversations after Marissa had sex with him on "Temptation Island.” 

“After we filmed the reunion, we did talk briefly,” Marissa explained. “Pretty much she was just like, ‘You know, I can’t believe Edgar did that to you, he did the same to me, watch out.’”

Marissa noted she has no ill-will toward Gillian, though. 

“She’s a passionate person so I didn’t take it any type of way. I have no ill feelings towards her. I’m sure she’s a great person. We just haven’t spoken after that."

Marissa also added that she doesn’t want to be rude and reach out to Gillian if she doesn’t want to speak to her. However, she noted that if Gillian ever wanted to hear her side of what happened, she would love to explain everything. 

“Obviously, I only knew what was going on over there from what Edgar was telling me from the bonfire,” she concluded. 

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