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'Temptation Island' Single Marissa Reveals Big Secret About Edgar's Poem: 'This is Really Bad'

Marissa Rodriguez was smitten with Edgar De Santiago when he read the poem he wrote for her. There was just one problem ...

By Tyler McCarthy
Marissa Lying In Bed While Edgar Reads His Poem

Temptation Island” Season 4 is treating viewers to the red-hot but slow-burning romance between Edgar De Santiago and Marissa Rodriguez. Although their affection for one another is clear on-screen, she revealed to USA Insider that she found herself a little lost in translation during his first big romantic gesture to her. 

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The fourth episode of the season saw Edgar take Marissa out on a date on what would have been his and Gillian Lieberman’s anniversary. Rather than be sad, though, he found himself excited to explore something new with Marissa. (Don't worry, Gillian wasn't upset either.) Later that night, he pulled her aside and read her a beautiful, swoon-worthy poem that he wrote for her in Spanish. When he was done, he thanked her for "being an inspiration."

While she was clearly impressed, Marissa revealed to USA Insider there was just one problem with the poem — she didn’t understand it. 

“This is really bad because I’m Puerto Rican. My family speaks Spanish but I do not,” she revealed.

Fortunately, by that time she knew that whatever he was saying was likely quite sweet.

“We’d been flirting and getting to know each other and I’m getting the vibe that he wanted to take me out on dates and stuff like that,” she explained. “Beforehand, I remember we were looking through his little poem book, so I knew that was his thing, writing poems and drawing.”

Marissa continued: “He pulled me up to his room and started reading me this poem in Spanish and I had no freaking idea what he was saying. So obviously, in that clip, I’m like, ‘Oh, it’s so nice.' I don’t know if you could tell but in my head, I was not registering sh**.”

That said, Marissa noted that it’s not as if she wasn’t upfront with Edgar about her Spanish.

“He knew damn well I did not understand Spanish like that, so I don’t know why the f*** he wrote it in Spanish,” she said with a laugh. “But I’m sure he thinks and process stuff in Spanish first.” 

Fortunately, hours later he made sure to write her a version of his work that she could actually read. 

“After that scene, or maybe that night or the day after, he gave me the poem and rewrote it in English so I could like, actually understand it,” Marissa said. “The poem is on my fridge. I still have that, it’s nice.”

Even though she was in the dark about what he was saying to her in that moment, Marissa said the sentiment of having a man write her a poem was not lost on her.

“It sounded nice in Spanish… I just didn’t understand,” she concluded.

Although some of the men on the island struggled with being emotionally vulnerable and making ill-conceived declarations of love, Marissa said Edgar didn’t really have those problems, which is what attracted her to him.

However, she admitted she initially felt attracted to Luke Wechselberger and Lascelles Lagares when she first arrive, but when she spoke with them at the introduction party, though, she quickly realized there wasn’t anything there for her. 

“Everybody was partying and doing their thing and I remember me and Edgar were sitting on the couch and I was really nervous and just kind of shy,” Marissa said. “I just remember sitting on the couch while everyone was partying and Edgar and I were talking and just really hit it off and I just felt really comfortable around him. Coming into it, I definitely didn’t want to be swayed by looks or wooed at the beginning. I wanted to connect with someone on a more meaningful level. Talking to Edgar at first, he made me feel really comfortable and familiar even though we never met before.” 

But is there connection enough for Edgar to replace his college sweetheart with Marissa? Fans will just have to watch the remainder of Season 4 to find out. 

"Temptation Island" airs Wednesdays at 10 p.m. ET on USA Network. Catch up now on USA Network.

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