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The Most Gorgeous Dresses And Fab Fashion Spotted On ‘The Courtship’

Nicole Rémy admits that the dresses of “The Courtship” were entirely alien to her own personal style — but she has some personal favorite fashion looks from this season.

By USA Insider Staff
The Courtship Most Gorgeous Dresses Promote

One of the “must-watch” factors of “The Courtshipis the weekly Regency-era dresses that Nicole Rémy has hand-made for her every single episode. She’s always draped in gorgeous silks in every color of the rainbow and looks so good doing it that the idea of suffering a corset almost seems worth it. 

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While she wears them like she was plucked out of the 19th century, Nicole Rémy admits that the dresses of “The Courtshipwere entirely alien to her own personal style. 

“Growing up, I never wore dresses and I still don't,” she shared. “At first, I was like, ‘Oh, this is so out of my comfort zone!’ But then you put it on and you just surrender to the environment. It felt magical. And when I put a [series] dress on now, I feel like I'm back and I can feel those emotions that I had when I wore it.”

Rémy said she did have dressmakers and dressers who helped her look her best in period clothing and to also put them on. 

“Hopefully, it was easier than [the actual] Regency back when they had like 72 different components. And all the corsets!” she laughed about the fitting and dressing experience. “They made [the dresses] modern day, which was nice. They're all couture, Italian silk made in Paris dresses. And they all were fit to me, which was just so special.”

With half the season of “The Courtship” now revealed, with a signature dress every week for Rémy, here are a few of our favorite looks.

The “First Impressions” Yellow Dress

Nicole Remy standing in front if a carriage wearing a yellow gown

Coming out of the gate in a real stunner, Rémy’s yellow gown opened the show in eye-catching fashion and set the standard for the whole series. Of the dress, she said: “Just as a watcher the yellow one is my favorite. I remember putting it on and I was like this is the one that people are gonna remember. It's just a pop of color.”

The “First Impressions” Red Dress

Nicole Remy wearing an off the shoulder red gown

For the first selection ceremony of the series, Rémy let every single one of the suitors know she was a siren making the calls for her heart in this dazzling red dress that wowed all of the men. “The red dress from that first night is gorgeous,” Rémy agreed.

The "Acts of Chivalry" Lilac Organza 

Nicole Remy wearing a lilac purple dress and smiling

For the second episode’s selection ceremony, Rémy came out in a floral frock with a beautiful royal-inspired tiara. She looked like a princess who was ready to rule over the sea of suitors’ hearts.

The "Two New Suitors" Pink Dress

Nicile Remy in a low neckline pink gown

One of the prettiest and most feminine of the suitor challenge days, Rémy looked like she walked out of an Austen book in this super-flattering pink dress.

The "Two New Suitors" Squire Outfit

Nicole Remy wearing regency pants and a vest while wielding a sword

Changing things up, Rémy got to trade out her skirts for pants in this suitor challenge outfit that let her look super cute and also give the tight-fitted clothing a rest for a few hours. 

The "Table Manners" Pale Pink

Nicole Remy in a pale pink off the shoulder gown

Perhaps one of the most glam reworkings of a Regency-era dress, Rémy’s gossamer selection ceremony look draped at the arms for a gorgeous romantic fit, and the shiny floral applications are just beautiful. 

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