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Nicole Rémy Reveals She Won't Be Marrying The Man She Met On 'The Courtship' After All

Nicole Rémy got the proposal she dreamed of at the end of "The Courtship." Now, she's explaining why the wedding won't be happening.

By Becca van Sambeck
The Courtship Who Is Nicole Remy

When Nicole Rémy joined "The Courtship," she was excited to pick the love of her life from a crop of handsome suitors in a romantic, Regency-era setting.

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And while the show ended with her choosing Daniel Bochicchio, a New York City real estate agent, and him slipping a diamond ring on her left hand, it turns out Nicole didn't get her fairytale ending from "The Courtship," after all.

In a recent interview with USA Insider, Nicole confirmed she and Danny broke up shortly after the show ended.

"He proposed to me, but ... then a month and a half later, he broke up with me," she revealed.

It was a shock for Nicole, who told E! Online they shared happy memories after their time on "The Courtship."

"Between London and New York, we did sightseeing, ate at amazing restaurants—luckily finding a way to navigate his pescatarian lifestyle and my love for meat—and went on walks," she recalled. "This was exactly the life I envisioned with him: easy, fun, and adventurous."

He even went to Seattle to see her family, and met her baby nephew. But ultimately Danny decided to call it off, leaving her heartbroken, she told E! Online.

"The feelings I had for him on the show and post-filming were always the same, and I wanted nothing more than to spend my life with him, whereas Danny told me after the show wrapped that he felt differently about me, and no longer felt like I was the one," she said.

The breakup was a painful experience for Nicole, who admitted to USA Insider, she still isn't really ready to talk much about what happened between the two.

As for Danny, who still talks to Nicole "every now and then," he told E! Online: "I had a great experience on The Courtship, where I made new friends and got to know the incredible woman that Nicole is," he said. "At the time of the proposal, I was hopeful that Nicole and I could make this work in the real world. It was never my intention to call off the engagement or hurt her, but unfortunately the realities of modern-day life caught up to me once I got home. I know this has been a difficult journey and I'm sorry it didn't end as we all had hoped. I wish Nicole nothing but the best as we both move forward, it is what she deserves."

Still, Nicole said she doesn't regret doing "The Courtship." In fact, she told USA Insider she formed great friendships with many of the men on the show, and even said she thinks at least three of the potential suitors she met will be "mates for life" — although that doesn't mean she wishes she had chosen a different man at the end. At the end of the day Danny was the only one she fell in love with, she confirmed to E! Online.

"It's interesting to watch it back and watch myself develop these connections onscreen. Reliving it is really fun. But it's also difficult sometimes, too, to see what these guys were saying to the other guys or in their interviews, but not saying to me. I think that's been really tough to watch ... but it's also recognizing too that anything I decided at that time and point was with the knowledge that I had and feeling confident that I made the the right choices with what I knew," she told USA Insider.

Nicole still has an exciting journey ahead of her. She continues to live in Seattle and work in coding as a software engineer, and she anticipates frequent trips to New York and Los Angeles. She also hopes to get into hosting and modeling in the future. And while "The Courtship" didn't end in romance, it inspired her to continue on her current path and reminded her of her own inner strength. 

"I feel like I learned that I'm a strong person — a lot stronger than I thought I was going into this ... I honestly just did my best and went with my heart, and I'm really proud of myself. I feel like as a result, I've learned that I do have that strength and I can really do anything I could put my mind to, truly. I think I also learned that I'm deserving and I'm deserving of love, and I have that value, and I think a lot of the guys on the show did see that, and that was really special to me to feel beautiful in that way," Nicole said. "Really, I've never felt more alive than during this experience."

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