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'It's Been Really Tough To Watch': Nicole Rémy Reveals Whether She Regrets Doing 'The Courtship'

Nicole Rémy described what exactly she learned from "The Courtship" in an interview with USA Insider.

By Becca van Sambeck
Nicole and Daniel look lovingly at each other in the middle of the ballroom

When Nicole Rémy concluded her journey on "The Courtship" and chose her final suitor, it was a magical moment. Just like Nicole hoped, the man she chose — Mr. Daniel Bochicchio (often nicknamed Danny B on the show) — got down on one knee to propose to her, which she excitedly accepted.

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Now, months later, she's still reflecting on the life-changing experience that was "The Courtship."

"It's interesting to watch it back and watch myself develop these connections onscreen. Reliving it is really fun. But it's also difficult sometimes, too, to see what these guys were saying to the other guys or in their interviews, but not saying to me. I think that's been really tough to watch ... but it's also recognizing too that anything I decided at that time and point was with the knowledge that I had and feeling confident that I made the the right choices with what I knew," she said,

Of course, saying goodbye to some of the suitors was harder than others. Nicole cited Mr. Alex "Achilles" King and Mr. Jaquan Holland as two of the most difficult sendoffs she had.

"They're both just such beautiful souls and amazing people. But I knew that my spark for them wasn't there in the way that they felt for me. I also think watching it back, my goodbye with Mr. Dan Hunter was tough. I really did like him a lot. Watching all of this unfold with some of the other suitors and how they may not have been there for me, I knew that he was truly there for me. Had I known more about what was going on behind my back, I potentially would have given him another chance," Nicole mused.

Still, she found it a worthwhile experience. She was regularly awed at the Regency-era activities that were put together and the detailed gowns she was able to wear. There were "magical moments" aplenty, like the pleasure garden date and the county fair. Dating without technology was also eye-opening for her.

"I really appreciated it because I'm somebody that doesn't like to have their phone on them very often and especially on dates. That's one of my pet peeves with somebody on a date — they're on their phone the whole time. They're not giving you eye contact. They're not making you feel special and seen in that moment. So, not having those distractions during this process, I really felt like I was able to deeper with these guys and understand them on a completely different level," Nicole explained.

And even though the journey was hard at times, she doesn't regret a moment of it. She's been happy to reflect on the self-discovery and growth that followed her time dating on "The Courtship."

"I feel like I learned that I'm a strong person — a lot stronger than I thought I was going into this ... I honestly just did my best and went with my heart, and I'm really proud of myself. I feel like as a result, I've learned that I do have that strength and I can really do anything I could put my mind to, truly. I think I also learned that I'm deserving and I'm deserving of love, and I have that value, and I think a lot of the guys on the show did see that, and that was really special to me to feel beautiful in that way," Nicole said. "Really, I've never felt more alive than during this experience."

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