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These Were The 5 Most Shocking Eliminations On 'The Courtship' So Far

Ms. Nicole Rémy has had many impressive suitors — which has made some of the eliminations on "The Courtship" absolutely shocking.

By Tara Bennett
Nicole sits next to a suitor with a sad expression on her face

On “The Courtship,” Ms. Nicole Rémy is 10 weeks into her Regency-era odyssey to find her Mr. Right. She’s been whittling 20 gentleman suitors down to whomever will be the last man standing for her hand. We must admit, it’s been a real nail-biter the closer we get to the finale. With just three paramours left, we figured it’s time to look back at the surprising suitors whom Ms. Rémy danced right out of the show and out of her heart.

Mr. Jaquan Holland (Dismissed April 27, “Battle of the Brits”)

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A lot of viewers thought Mr. Holland was a keeper, but as it turns out, he played the courting game far too subtle for Ms. Rémy’s liking. Most effusive about his feelings where it didn’t count (away from Nicole), he was shown the door in the eighth episode. And it was only then when he really made his heart known to his lady love, which surprised her quite a bit. He finally laid his truths before her and it made for a three-hanky emotional goodbye. She even followed him to his carriage where, for a second, we thought she might change her mind. Alas, no fairytale ending here.

Mr. Dan Hunter (Dismissed May 4, "The Strongest Prevail")

Oh boy, Dr. Claire and Mr. Claude Rémy sure did like Mr. Hunter, but Nicole did not agree. The worldly guy grew up on a boat with his family sailing the globe, and then went to a Spanish boarding school in his teens. Despite his smarts and handsome face, Ms. Rémy felt like he remained emotionally withholding and that she couldn’t get to the man inside. Just goes to show, even if he looks great on paper, if the walls remain up, the heart doesn’t want it.  

Captain Danny Kim (Dismissed April 13, “Parents on Leave”)

Former Air Force Captain Kim was practically a repeat offender with Ms. Nicole Rémy in the last dance ballroom, but then he went and shocked everyone by taking himself out of the game! Maybe because he’s a confidence coach in real life, the state of constantly being on the bubble grated on his self-esteem. He certainly cracked in Episode 6 when he found out Nicole spent some alone time with Mr. Lincoln Chapman, who has a penchant for going rogue and getting away with it. A rule follower with his own standards, Captain Kim said no more and danced himself away from the whole endeavor. 

Mr. Alex "Achilles" King (Dismissed March 13, “Acts of Chivalry”)

Another fan favorite, Mr. King was the poet/songwriter of the group but he couldn’t serenade himself into Ms. Rémy’s heart. It was still very early in the courting so the decision to see him go wasn’t the most shocking by far, but this nice guy won a lot of audience love when he got vulnerable early on and revealed the heartbreaking losses in his life. He also had the smarts and romantic heart to give everyone, but for Nicole, it wasn't there. Oh, well…

Mr. ​​Miles Nazaire (Dismissed May 11, “Carousel of Events”)

Ah, the drama finally was too much to bear with Mr. Nazaire. One of the late addition suitors to the series, he was doing all right until sister Danie started grilling him about his past relationships and the red flags went flying. And then he balked when Nicole hit him with the big commitment question and he went all awkward. Uncertain about his long-term goals with her and his social butterfly real life, Nicole said, “No, thanks.” A totally gracious loser, Nazaire then charmed everyone as he sashayed out of the game.

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