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After A Psychic Reads The Tea Leaves, An Unlikely Suitor Is Sent Packing On 'The Courtship'

In "The Courtship," a carnival helps Nicole Rémy determine which of the final five men she'd like to keep around a little longer.

By Becca van Sambeck
Nicole Remy wearing a green dress in the ballroom

One by one, the suitors have been whittled down on "The Courtship." Now, just five suitors remain to vie for Ms. Nicole Rémy's heart. Each of them shares a genuine connection with Nicole, which makes it difficult to determine who will be her Mr. Darcy in this Regency-era dating show. But one thing is certain: Nicole is looking for commitment — which comes up as a potential roadblock often on Episode 10 of "The Courtship." Here's who was ultimately burned by their reservations about settling down.

What Happened On Episode 10 Of 'The Courtship'?

How to Watch

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The Regency-era activity of the week might just be the most fun one yet. There is a nighttime carnival of sorts, complete with fire breathers, a dance floor, and a carousel. It also quickly becomes clear that many of the suitors have arrived intending to get drunk.

Nicole's entourage already agreed earlier to divide and conquer the remaining suitors. Her father, Mr. Claude Rémy, decides to get to know Mr. Daniel Bochicchio better. As you may recall, they had a rather rough start earlier in the season, when "Danny B.," as he's nicknamed, said he wasn't sure about a quick marriage proposal. This time around, he says he could see himself marrying Nicole, and impresses Mr. Rémy by discussing his close bond with his family.

Her mother, Dr. Claire Spain-Rémy, continues to swoon over Mr. Christian Cones, who tells her he very much wants kids and confirms his family would accept a Black woman as his wife — his stepmother is Afro-Brazilian, he notes. Nicole's brother, Mr. Dom Rémy, also asks Mr. Jesse Judge if he's considered the aspect of race when it comes to marrying Nicole, and Jesse impresses him with a thoughtful answer. Mr. Miles Nazaire is handled by Nicole's sister, who learns he previously stopped talking to his family because of a Romeo and Juliet-type situation with an ex-girlfriend and doesn't want that to happen again.

However, Nicole probably gets the most illumination from the psychic who shows up, complete with a crystal ball (don't get too excited — she doesn't use it once). The psychic uses tea leaves to try to predict Nicole's future with each guy. With Jesse, she announces she sees wedding bells, while she determines Miles is very much looking to be in a relationship. She also dramatically pronounces that Christian and Nicole don't work on paper, but that Christian will make her laugh, so she shouldn't rule him out. Christian is relieved, but not relieved enough to prove the psychic's point by making a decent joke.

The psychic is a little more mixed when it comes to Danny B. and Mr. Lincoln Chapman. She urges Danny to keep in mind people can't read minds (only the future apparently!) and he needs to open his heart more and be honest with Nicole. As for Lincoln, she says the tea leaves are showing her only half a heart. Something is missing. Nicole thinks this is beautiful because they both need to put half of their heart in to form a whole heart. In a confessional, Lincoln is blunter. 

"What's missing is she is in love with me and I'm not sure," he correctly assesses (but of course does not tell her to her face).

Some other events happen before the final dance: Dom heads off after a tearful goodbye with Nicole, Nicole takes Jesse apple picking before forcing him to hunch over at a picnic table built for a toddler playdate and discuss his feelings, Lincoln mopes about his disinterest in Nicole, and Miles hesitates when Nicole directly asks him if he can commit to her. 

Who Is Sent Home In 'The Courtship' Episode 10?

The men are all visibly disturbed to learn there will only be two dances, and despite everyone predicting Lincoln will end up on the floor, it's actually Miles and Jesse who are in the bottom two. Jesse, she says, is a safe choice and she's always picked the safe choice. It could be boring! But she's not sure where Miles stands on fully committing to her, or that she fits into his fast-paced, socialite lifestyle.

Shockingly, she decides to go for the safe option and send the risky one packing. Miles actually takes leaving in stride, cheerfully calling her a "naughty minx" and telling the boys, "Take care of her!" Nicole's inner circle is impressed by his graciousness (although if you weren't feeling charitable, you could concede Nicole's point about him not being ready to marry her was accurate).

Of course, there is one last surprise in this episode of "The Courtship." A suitor has snuck into Nicole's bedroom for the night — Lincoln, yet again! Has he gotten over his phobia of commitment? Or is he just being a cad? Time will tell ...

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