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'If This Is True Love, Then Fight For It': Nicole Rémy Has Her Heart Broken On 'The Courtship'

On Episode 9 of "The Courtship," there is a festival of strength and an emotional moment between Ms. Nicole Rémy and a suitor.

By Becca van Sambeck
The Courtship's Nicole And The Suitors Playing A Yard Game

Anyone watching last week's episode of "The Courtship" likely suspected there is a clear frontrunner for Ms. Nicole Rémy's heart: Mr. Lincoln Chapman. After all, he admitted he was falling for her, a feeling she admitted she returned. But of course, romance is never that straightforward on "The Courtship."

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So, what happened on this week's episode, and who was eliminated?

What Happened On Episode 9 Of 'The Courtship'

As always, there was a social activity plucked from the Regency era to allow the men to woo Nicole. This time, it's a festival of strength — aka the guys take off their shirts, show off their abs, and pick up heavy things. To Mr. Christian Cones' delight, he doesn't do half-bad in the competition, but the winner ends up being Mr. Miles Nazaire, who uses the solo picnic he's earned with Nicole to throw Lincoln under the bus. He notes Lincoln has spoken openly about his issues with commitment, which alarms Nicole.

Someone else also gets to have some alone time with Nicole: Mr. Daniel Bochicchio, who soaks in the tubs with Nicole. He again admits he is nervous about the idea of a fast proposal, but Nicole is mostly impressed with his honesty. 

However, that's why she's worried about Lincoln; she wants honesty from him, so she confronts him with what she's learned from Miles. What follows is an emotional and tear-filled conversation as Lincoln admits he's falling in love with her but he wants to slow down. Eventually, he even says, "I don't think I can give you the life you want ... I'm trying to force myself to be where you want me to be." Naturally, this devastates Nicole, who flees the room, believing a suitor she has a deep connection with is gone.

Who Is Eliminated On Episode 9 Of 'The Courtship'?

But Lincoln didn't actually eliminate himself. Instead, he shows up for the Farewell Dance ceremony, to Nicole's shock. She puts him on the dance card along with Mr. Cones and Mr. Dan Hunter.

To Christian, she admits she feels they haven't really been moving forward, but he tells her he wants to keep trying. She decides to keep him, especially after she tells Dan she feels like he never really opens up to her and she doesn't think his walls can come down. Ultimately, she asks Dan to leave.

Does that mean Lincoln gets to stay? She reminds him he broke her heart earlier, but he claims he's determined to stay, announcing, "I want to see if this is love."

"If this is true love, then fight for it," she responds.

It seems like Lincoln has another shot at her heart, after all. But will he panic and try to leave again?

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