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A New Suitor Arrives To Shake Things Up In The Latest Episode Of 'The Courtship' — What Happens?

After the arrival of a new suitor in Episode 7 of "The Courtship," an unexpected first happens at the farewell dance.

By Becca van Sambeck
Nicole Dancing With A New Suitor

Last week's episode of "The Courtship" ended on a shocking note, as Capt. Danny Kim opted to eliminate himself after deducing our heroine, Ms. Nicole Rémy, had spent a night with Mr. Lincoln Chapman. The moment stunned Nicole — and viewers. Where does everyone stand right now after that sudden reveal? And who is eliminated in Episode 7?

What Happened In Episode 7 Of 'The Courtship'

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Immediately, we see Nicole discussing the Capt. Danny Kim incident with her sister and friend. She admits she's falling for Mr. Chapman, and felt their moment together should have stayed private. The men are discussing the situation, too, as Mr. Chapman tries to defend himself. However, the furor over the shocking exit doesn't last long. After all, there's a masquerade ball to attend!

And there is an even bigger surprise as this ball: In sweeps a new suitor. Not only is he ridiculously handsome even with a mask on, but he greets Ms. Rémy in French! (Swoon.) His name is Mr. Miles Nazaire. He describes himself as "a hopeless romantic" and notes he is actually British but fluent in French. (Swoon again.) 

The reveal of a British suitor particularly upsets Mr. Charlie Mumbray, as, he himself notes, his whole thing was being British. Even worse, he actually knows Mr. Nazaire — they run in similar social circles in London. The intrigue!

Mr. Nazaire is the true belle of the ball, dancing with Ms. Rémy and even kissing her at one point, leaving the other men in a tizzy. Mr. Danny Bochiccho at least makes good use of Ms. Rémy's distraction by attempting to make amends with her brother.

The battle of the Brits heats up the next morning, as Mr. Mumbray sweeps in to see Ms. Rémy with a lemon drizzle cake he baked. It's a sweet gesture — that's interrupted when Mr. Nazaire comes in bearing flowers and gifts as well.

Ms. Rémy opts to take Mr. Nazaire on a date, where they make gin. She's impressed by how "sophisticated" and "confident" he is. But he isn't the only man making moves in this episode. Mr. Bochiccho sends her a note asking to meet her by the fountain for some alone time, where Ms. Rémy is clearly smitten, laughing at even his dumbest jokes.

Who Was Eliminated In Episode 7 Of 'The Courtship'?

It's time for the farewell dance, and the three men on the dance card are Mr. Jaquan Holland, Mr. Jesse Judge, and ... Mr. Miles Nazaire.

Ms. Rémy tells Mr. Holland she knows he feels strongly about her, and she wants to feel the same. She's not there, though. However, after some reassuring words from him, she declares she thinks she could feel that way.

While dancing with Mr. Judge, she admits they have a strong connection, but notes, "I need more of what life would look like after this." Mr. Judge says they can start to work on that, and he's safe from elimination.

So, does that mean Mr. Nazaire is out? Ms. Rémy says she already has a very strong connection with the men here, and adding someone else into the mix is confusing. But ... she still wants to try.

Yep, no one is eliminated on this week's episode. Because of the arrival of a new suitor, Ms. Rémy thought the atmosphere wasn't quite right for an elimination. Everyone's been granted a reprieve ... for now, anyway.

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