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The Arrival of An Unexpected Visitor On 'The Courtship' Leads To A Controversial Send-Off In Ep. 5

A new visitor and a shocking dinner party disturbance leads Ms. Nicole Rémy to reconsider some of her suitors.

By Becca van Sambeck
Nicole Remy sitting on grass with a suitor

When you have plenty of handsome and elegant suitors to pick from, how do you narrow it down to the right man? Well, on "The Courtship," sometimes you need an outsider's perspective.

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In Episode 5 of "The Courtship," an unexpected visitor arrives to shake things up: Ms. Nicole Rémy's older brother, Mr. Dom Rémy. Mr. Dom Rémy, who notes his role "has always been to protect her and help her grow," wants to give his perspective on our heroine's suitors to make sure she falls for the right guy. In fact, what he has to say ultimately leads to one man packing his bags to go home.

So, who ended up on the dance card this episode?

Well, during an archery contest, Mr. Dom Rémy got to know the men better — but he was surprised by Dr. Hatem's 10-year plan, which included no mention of Ms. Rémy. Mr. Bochicchio failed to make a positive impression, too, as he told the pair he had concerns about commitment.

This admission went over poorly. When taking charge of a private dinner party for a few of the men, Mr. Dom Rémy opted not to include Mr. Bochicchio.

The dinner party didn't exactly go smoothly, though. In the midst of an emotional speech by Mr. Judge, Mr. Bochicchio sailed on in and asked for alone time with Ms. Rémy. While Ms. Rémy's loved ones, as well as the other men, were perturbed by his unexpected arrival, Ms. Rémy was touched by what Mr. Bochicchio had to say.

Mr. Bochicchio had taken her aside to explain his commitment concerns stem from watching his parents struggle with sickness. He emotionally reaffirmed his interest in Ms. Rémy — and just like that, Mr. Bochicchio is back in the game.

Despite the tensions Mr. Bochicchio caused, the three men on the dance card this time were Dr. Hatem, Mr. Hunter, and Mr. Judge. Ms. Rémy noted she and Mr. Hunter have started off really strong — and after he told her he wants to speak her love language, she asked him to stay.

Ms. Rémy then used her time on the dance floor with Mr. Judge to apologize for the interruption at the dinner party and reveal she wants to know him better. And that leaves ...

Dr. Hatem. Ms. Rémy admitted his failure to include her in his 10-year plan is a red flag for her. He insisted he wanted to be honest and doesn't know her well enough to confidently include her in his vision of the future — but ultimately Ms. Rémy had to be true to her heart. Dr. Hatem was sent back into the modern world.

Eight suitors remain, vying for Ms. Rémy's love. Who will be her chosen suitor? We'll have to keep watching to see!

"The Courtship" airs Wednesdays at 11 p.m. ET on USA Network. Catch up now on USA Network.