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'You're Definitely Not My Guy': Nicole Rémy On The 2 Most Controversial Goodbyes On 'The Courtship'

Nicole Rémy reveals the one thing a suitor did that made her decide he wasn't the man for her.

By Tara Bennett
Nicole And A Suitor Staring Intensely At Each Other

As "The Courtship" barrels toward the finale where Ms. Nicole Rémy finally chooses the suitor whom she feels is her true love match, it’s a good time to look back at the gentlemen who did not earn her highest praise — in particular, Dr. Jarrett Schanzer from Episode 1 and Mr. Peter Saffa from Episode 3. 

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On paper, Dr. Jarrett Schanzer from Miami, Florida was the anesthesiologist who should have numbed her to all the other men around her. Even her picky parents, Dr. Claire Spain-Rémy and Mr. Claude Rémy, were nodding in his direction. But it was a hard no from Ms. Rémy during the final dance sequence.

Why did he get sashayed away so quickly? There was one major reason, Nicole Rémy revealed.

“Yes, both my parents appreciated the fact that he's a doctor. And he’s financially stable. He's smart. He's educated. And those are great qualities in anyone, right? Especially in a partner for me. But, bless his heart, I just felt it was a bit gimmicky with the apple and the chakra,” Remy said candidly of his big pitch talking about the destiny of love.  

“It was just a lot,” she emphasized. “And I felt like I couldn't tell if it was for the performance value. He doesn't know what my sense of humor is. He's not taking the time to get to know me, so he's just assuming that I'll go with that.”

And even if she was questioning the decision, his throwaway remark that she would regret it as he said goodbye did not sit well with Rémy at all.

​”Don't tell me what I will and won't regret,” she said. “I'm an independent woman and I'm making my decision and I'm standing by it. And if that's how you react to that kind of thing then you're definitely not my guy.”

By Episode 3, Mr. Peter Saffa pretty much self-sabotaged his position in the show by letting it be known that he was far more interested in her BFF, Ms. Tessa Cleary, than the woman at the heart of the series. 

Rémy said his preference really wasn’t the issue so much as his deception about it.

“These guys had never met me before, they had never seen me before. Am I their type? Who knows,” she explained. “All I wanted from them was to be open and honest with me. And if they didn't feel attracted to me, to tell me. And then I can send them home so I can work on relationships that actually matter.”

It was actually Ms. Tessa Cleary who warned Rémy of Mr. Saffa’s wandering eye and his flirty attention toward her.

“And then he was going around telling the guys that he wants to be with Tessa,” Rémy explained. “And it's like, ‘Well then, don't be here. Don't waste my time. I'm here to find love. And clearly you're not here to find love with me.’”

The whole situation annoyed Rémy so much that she didn’t even bother with the last dance with Saffa, and she has no regrets.

“I was like I can't dance right now,” she said. “We need to take a step back and I just need to call you out because I feel played and it's disrespectful to me, so I sent him out.”

Adding insult to injury, he then tried to talk to Cleary on the way out. Both women had no time for it.

”That's when I was like, ‘OK, no. For real, go.’ And that's my sister! But she was like, 'No, you can go. The door's right there.' I couldn't believe the audacity!”

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