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'I Respect Myself And My Culture': Nicole Rémy On Importance of Diverse Suitors On 'The Courtship'

Nicole Rémy says she specifically asked the producers of "The Courtship" to make sure had a diverse pool of suitors to choose from.

By Tara Bennett
The Courtship Suitors

Right out of the gate, "The Courtship" has proved to be everything but your typical reality dating series. Thanks to the Regency-era rules, the incredible costumes, and Black heroine, there’s been plenty to help "The Courtship" distinguish itself from the competition.

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Having done the traditional dating thing for years without much success, "The Courtship" star Nicole Rémy says she wanted to be part of a series that was as diverse as possible, with open-minded suitors.

“I don't see love as a particular shape or form,” Rémy explains. “Love is the way you make me feel and it's the passion I feel about you. I don't care if you're green with blue eyes and four toes, right? And I think it's so important too to not only share my love story of a Black female, but also share the love story of a Black female with different races, too. I know the weight of being a Black lead on the first season of this show.”

As a resident of the very diverse Seattle, Washington area, Rémy says she’s dated many different kind of men throughout her life. So, she asked the producers to cast a pool of diverse suitors for the show so it reflected her previous dating life with authenticity.

And when the show went into production, Rémy says she asked each of the suitors she was serious about continuing to date if they had any kind of issue being with a woman of her ethnicity. 

“I don’t want to be someone’s fantasy,” she says with candor. “I want somebody that wants me for me. I feel like as a Black woman that's a really fine line because there's a history of Black women not being valued, not feeling desired, or ​​being taken advantage of. I respect myself and my culture and I want whomever I'm dating to respect me and my culture too.”

Even with a fun series about love like "The Courtship," Rémy says seeing someone like yourself in a position that she's in as the heroine of the story can make a lot of difference.

“I hope that anybody that's felt different, or undesired, or not beautiful because of what society says, I hope that they can watch this and really think there is a voice for me here. And I could be that one day," she concludes.

"The Courtship" airs Wednesdays at 11 p.m. ET on USA Network. Catch up now on USA Network.