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'I Can't Do This Anymore': A Shocking Goodbye Happens On A New Episode Of 'The Courtship'

On Episode 6 of "The Courtship," a bacchanal leads Ms. Nicole Rémy to get closer to one suitor — deeply upsetting one of the other men.

By Becca van Sambeck
Danny And Nicole Having A Serious Conversation

Dating in 2022 can be incredibly disheartening. Endlessly swiping through a dating app doesn't exactly scream romance, after all. That's why it's so refreshing to watch Ms. Nicole Rémy attempt to find love in an unusual way on "The Courtship" — as she finds the perfect suitor in a Regency-era setting.

How to Watch

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As the show has gone on, Nicole has said goodbye to several potential romantic prospects. So, who went home in Episode 6?

What Happened In Episode 6 Of 'The Courtship'

Nicole's parents are still away, which means it's time for everyone to let loose. This takes the form of an old-fashioned bacchanal, a wild party with plenty of imbibing, originally named after Bacchus, the Greek god of wine. That means everyone gets dressed up in their best Greek togas and gold jewelry!

The exposed abs and arms are a far cry from the buttoned-up looks of the Regency era, as is the opportunity to party without chaperone supervision. But while there's plenty of wine and dancing, the centerpiece of the bacchanal is a poetry reading. Sample lines include "Let’s water each other like flowers. I believe we flow like flowers. With you I flow like flowers," and "Remind yourself you're a strong powerful female."

Mr. Charlie Mumbray is particularly nervous about his poem, announcing he took a "lighthearted" approach to it. Nicole notes he has an "immaturity" about love, which makes her concerned.

However, the real scandal of the bacchanal comes when Ms. Rémy takes Mr. Lincoln Chapman back to the castle, where they kiss and cuddle in her bed. This frustrates all the men — but it particularly upsets Captain Danny Kim.

Who Gets Eliminated On Episode 6 Of 'The Courtship'?

This tension leads to a shocking moment on the dance floor at elimination. Capt. Kim actually requests to be put in the bottom three!

We see Nicole express her concerns about Mr. Mumbray and his emotions about love having never experienced it before, but he tells her he is feeling something for her, something "terrifying." Mr. Daniel Bochicchio also hits the dance floor, with Nicole noting she feels he didn't make enough of an effort with her recently. He reassures her he will.

Capt. Kim, meanwhile, reveals why he wanted to be taken on the dance floor. He eliminates himself. "I heard about last night and I can't do this anymore," he says, referring to her steamy night with Mr. Chapman.

Nicole is visibly shocked and upset, even needing a moment to collect herself after she bids farewell to Captain Kim. She's unsure how this information got out, and feels like she shouldn't have to share those private moments with the other men.

This leads to a heated confrontation between Capt. Kim and Mr. Chapman. Capt. Kim insists he didn't mention Mr. Chapman by name, so he shouldn't be upset. But Mr. Chapman feels he was thrown under the bus — and that Capt. Kim intentionally sought to hurt Nicole.

What will be the fallout of this shocking elimination ceremony? We'll have to watch next week to see!

"The Courtship" airs Wednesdays at 11 p.m. ET on USA Network. Catch up now on USA Network.