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'The Courtship' Ends With A Trip To The Modern World And An Emotional Marriage Proposal

Before deciding which man she wants to be with, Nicole Rémy goes on a "modern" date with each of the final three suitors.

By Becca van Sambeck
Nicole and Daniel cuddling in front of a river

Well, the time is finally here: After a season filled with gorgeous gowns, tea parties (and tea leaf readings), parlor chatter, emotional connections, and heartbreak, Ms. Nicole Rémy has narrowed down her pool of suitors to three men on "The Courtship." But which of them truly has her heart? Plus, there's the fact Nicole would really like a proposal at the end of this journey — are any of the men ready?

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To help make up her mind, Nicole is going to leave the Regency era behind. That's right: She gets to ditch the corsets and the castle as she goes on three dates in the modern world to see which of her final suitors — Mr. Daniel Bochicchio, Mr. Christian Cones, and Mr. Jesse Judge — she meshes with the most.

It's a bit of a shock to see Nicole swap out the gowns for a chic blazer-and-jeans ensemble, and to see the men display their personal style for the first time. But it's also nice to see them experience dates out in the real world. Nicole first meets Danny by a river, which he chose, he says, because it reminds him of New York City (if you couldn't tell by the Staten Island accent, he's a diehard New Yorker). They then have a meal by the waterfront. Interestingly, he tells her he's actually interested in bi-coastal life, and the more he's learned about Seattle, the more amenable he is to living there part-time.

Jesse, meanwhile, takes Nicole out to a bar with more of a lounge feel, which helps assure her Jesse, "a small-town guy," can keep up with her. He even bartends for her at one point, making her favorite drink: a French 75. Then, there is a lot of dancing and a lot of kissing.

Christian picks a more intimate location for their date, setting up indoor stargazing for them. They lean back on piles of pillows, enjoy some drinks, and admire the (faux) stars as they discuss what they want in the future.

All the dates were super romantic, but once back in the Regency times of the castle, she has to narrow it down to just two men. Ultimately, she decides the physical connection just isn't there with Christian, and the devastated suitor heads home.

With just two competitors left, it's time for some major gestures. Danny brings Nicole to a tree dripping with white scrolls of compliments he wrote for her before telling her he loves her. Jesse, meanwhile, uses a key to bring Nicole to a secret room in the castle, where he reflects on how he was instantly smitten with her, later taking her to a dinner under the canopy in the forest. It's all so gorgeous and sweet! How can she say no to either man?

But soon enough, she has to. While dressed in maybe her prettiest look of the season, a sweeping white ballgown, Nicole asks her parents who they believe she should pick. They give their blessings to both men! (Wow, their feelings about Danny have really changed.)

Jesse pulls her aside to declare his feelings again, but Nicole starts to cry. She has butterflies with him, she admits, but she has more butterflies with somebody else. Jesse is heartbroken but understands his journey on "The Courtship" is over.

Nicole then talks with Danny, who gives her an emotional speech about his love for her — that ends, to Nicole's shock, in a proposal. She sobs as she says yes, as a delighted Danny asks if he's actually the last man standing.

Nicole and Danny head back into the castle hand-in-hand to announce her final decision and show off her ring, to the glee of her loved ones. As fireworks go off, the newly-engaged couple muses on how house-hunting in New York and Seattle is next.

They had an unusual path, sure, but ultimately "The Courtship" was a love story worthy of Jane Austen.