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Here Are All The Snakes On 'Snake In The Grass,' Revealed

Who were the Snakes on "Snake In The Grass," and did they win their game? Here's everything you need to know following the season finale. 

By Tyler McCarthy

With the conclusion of last night’s episode, “Snake In The Grass” has officially played every trick up its sleeve and all of the saboteurs have been revealed. 

How to Watch

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Eight crafty snakes showcased their ability to lie, deceive, and utilize cutthroat tactics all in service of outwitting their three other teammates and walking away with the $100,000 grand prize. While many snakes were victorious, a handful weren’t able to outwit their opponents and ended up with nothing while the others split the prize money. 

Now that it’s all said and done, we're taking a look back to remember the many successful liars as well as the teams who worked together to suss out the Snake operating against them. 

Episode 1: John Gaber — WON

Snake In The Grass John

The first episode of the series saw host Bobby Bones introduce viewers to a team consisting of “Survivor” alum Trish Hegarty, Alysia Montaño, Sean Williams and the man who played them all for fools, John Gaber.

His strategy was to look good during all the challenges and try his hardest, confident that he could lie his way out of whatever clues they won. For good measure, he played Sean and Alysia against each other at the Snake Pit and ultimately received just one vote against him, which was not enough to officially out him as the Snake in the grass. 

Episode 2: Stephanie Ortiz — LOST

Snake In The Grass Stephanie

This team consisted of Alissa Musto, Ryan Anthony, Andrew Muse and the Snake among them, Stephanie Ortiz. 

Unlike her predecessor, Ortiz played a more physical game, doing her best to sabotage their chances of earning clues. She was successful in the first challenge but was unable to stop them from finding the clue at the camp. Still, she managed to dodge suspicion by not being forthcoming about her life story. However, her ultimate undoing was her attempt to twist carabiners in the final challenge. It nearly worked but the team was still able to pull off the victory. It resulted in Ryan getting suspicious of Stephanie and taking those suspicions to the Snake Pit. 

In the end, he was right and everyone voted for Ortiz, allowing them to split the prize money. 

Episode 3: Malcolm Freberg — WON

Snake In The Grass Malcolm

This all-star episode saw “Naked and Afraid” alum Jeff Zausch join “Survivor” contestants Yul Kwon, Earl Cole, and Malcolm Freberg (who can now add “Snake In The Grass” winner to his resume). 

While Malcolm played a great game, he was helped during the first challenge when Earl lost a key piece they needed to successfully solve their puzzle. Meanwhile, some clever wording in their clue allowed him to easily shift the focus onto Yul. By the time they reached the third challenge, everyone had some stink on them except Malcolm. 

The final clue said the Snake has wrestled an alligator, which Jeff had copped to just hours prior. In the Snake Pit, it was Malcolm’s game to lose as he just stood back and watched his competition eat itself. In the end, he took home the grand $100,000 prize. 

Episode 4: Elektra Nelson — WON

Snake In The Grass Elektra

Sam Ruebush, Xavier Williams, and Wyatt Werneth go onto the island confident they could figure out who was trying to sabotage them in their own way. Unfortunately, those ways clashed with one another and Elektra Nelson was able to seize the opportunity that presented. 

Elektra really highlighted the mental aspect of the game, telling outright lies about her personal life, which allowed her to not be fearful of the clues as they came in. However, some cracks in her story started to show that threw some suspicion onto her. 

In the end, though, she managed to put the blame on Sam, who believed Xavier was the one pulling all the strings. Elektra walked away the winner without getting a single vote against her. 

Episode 5: Stephanie LaGrossa Kendrick — LOST

This episode plays out a little differently. Typically the Snake operates in the shadows and the viewer is unaware of who the person is until the very end of the episode. 

But as we saw with Stephanie LaGrossa Kendrick, it’s kind of hard to avoid letting the camera see you find a clue and then chuck it into the swamp so the team won’t find it. She was then forced to admit to the camera that, indeed, she was the Snake. Fortunately, her teammates neither saw nor heard this and she was able to continue to compete. 

Unfortunately, the sloppiness in her game caught with her. During the third challenge, she flipped the boat they were on, forcing her teammates to work even harder. They managed to pull off a win and got a clue that pretty much outed Stephanie as the Snake. It’s a risky move to be honest about yourself. If you fail to block the team from getting clues, you’re out of luck, which is exactly what happened here. 

Stephanie was identified as the Snake and her teammates, Cirie Fields, Janelle Pierzina, and Rachel Reilly split the prize money. 

Episode 6: Michael Steinbech — WON

Snake In The Grass Michael

This Snake proves there’s much more to the game than mastering physical challenges. Deception and quick thinking can get you a long way. Michael Steinbech was able to outfox Brandon Horton, Chelsea Scott, and Piper “Nai” Knight using every trick in his arsenal. 

Things looked bad for Michael during the first challenge when he was selected to be the first across a rope suspended 300 feet in the air. He got too exhausted and needed help getting down, meaning the team lost the first challenge. 

From there, he lied to the other three and allowed them to throw suspicion at each other all while he gave it his all in the subsequent challenge. In fact, when he managed to avoid getting found out at the Snake Pit, he admits he genuinely did get exhausted on the first challenge and went into it with the intention of winning. 

In the end, it was his mental capacity that got him through and earned him the grand prize. 

Episode 7: Brett Kessinger — WON

Snake In The Grass' Brett

Likeability can get you far in this game and that’s exactly what Brett Kessinger relied on. Throughout the game, he got Rogerlyn Taylor, David Redmond, and Lacey Jones to like him. So, when it came time for the Snake Pit, Lacey literally said he was too nice to lie. Meanwhile, David was pointing fingers left and right, which led to Lacey and Rogerlyn getting emotional and casting their votes for him. 

Brett simply had to jump on that bandwagon and go where he made the wind blow. In the end, he took home the grand prize on his own following one of the most contentious Snake Pits of the season. 

Episode 8: Todd Duffee — LOST

Snake In The Grass Todd

Juliet Bell, Victoria Gusto, and Ryan McCune immediately started sizing each other up as soon as they learned there was a snake among them, particularly Ryan. 

By the time they made their way to the Snake Pit, Todd had successfully pretended to be physically incapable of completing many of the physical challenges despite being quite capable at both swimming and basketball.

The game was his to lose, and lose it he did. While discussing the clue that revealed the snake’s mother was a nurse, Todd let it slip that his mom had indeed worked in a hospital. It was a big revelation right before final voting that ultimately resulted in the other three voting for him unanimously. 

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