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'The Best Person Won': Here's Who Was Actually The Snake On Episode 3 Of 'Snake In The Grass'

Yul, Earl, Jeff, and Malcolm all took turns suspecting each other on "Snake In The Grass," but one person attracted the most attention.

By Becca van Sambeck
Snake In The Grass' Jeff smiling

What happens when you get together three fan favorites from "Survivor" and one of the most accomplished survivalists "Naked And Afraid" has ever seen for a game of wits and deception? Well, as the latest episode of "Snake In The Grass" showed, you get plenty of edge-of-your-seat challenges, bold accusations, and a jaw-dropping reveal.

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Here's who was actually the Snake in Episode 3 of "Snake In The Grass."

The start of the episode introduced us to Jeff Zausch of "Naked And Afraid" as well as Yul Kwon, Malcolm Freberg, and Earl Cole, who all got their television start on "Survivor."  After being told the rules of the game, they're given the first clue.

"Life growing up was rather tough; you might say it was even rough. The Snake played sports and gave it their all, they really liked ones with a ball." So now they know the Snake likes sports ... but it isn't much to go on.

The first challenge doesn't help much either. They have to find two buried metal detectors on the beach, then use them to find five snake pieces that are in the water, before assembling them into one puzzle. (Yes, it's a lot to accomplish!) It doesn't go well: Earl accidentally loses a snake piece while trying to throw it from the water to the beach, and they ultimately lose. It doesn't look good for Earl!

However, the clue found at camp turns attention Yul's way. "The Snake went to college, which is real keen; their college's walls were leafy green. From time to time, he had to cram, and he even passed a bar exam." This leads them to suspect the Snake is an Ivy League grad — and Yul is a lawyer who went to Yale for law school. Of course, Malcolm admits he went to Dartmouth, also an Ivy. What does it mean?

The next challenge goes much better for the team. They have to build a raft out of materials on the beach, bring the raft to two buoys and retrieve a key from each one, and then use it to unlock a box with the Snake clue inside. They manage to win and get the final clue: "While being a friend is indeed a fact, in order to survive they had to stab a back. When you put it together there's an indicator, the Snake once tangled with an alligator."

Jeff is naturally aghast — as everyone has already learned he did exactly that with an alligator.

Naturally, everyone is confused at the Snake Pit. Yul is still under suspicion, while Malcolm admits he has his reservations about Jeff based off the last clue. Yul tries to throw suspicion on Malcolm based off his Ivy League education and the fact he once worked at a restaurant — aka he may have taken bartending classes.

Ultimately, there are three votes for Yul and one vote for Jeff. But the Snake is neither of them: It was Malcolm all along!

Malcolm admits he indeed took a bartending course and passed the bar exam — in a way — and has actually wrestled an alligator. It was his strategy to do well in the first challenge and be forthright, to avoid suspicion. However, he did engage in mild acts of sabotage: He tried to swim the wrong way while they were paddling with the raft to slow things down in the second challenge, for example.

Everyone is suitably impressed, and as Yul puts it, "The best person won the game."

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