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Host Bobby Bones Reveals What His Strategy Would Be For 'Snake In The Grass'

There are all kinds of ways a Snake can throw someone off in "Snake In The Grass" — but what strategy is most effective?

By Becca van Sambeck

One of the most entertaining aspects of watching "Snake In The Grass" is trying to guess who the Snake really is among the four contestants. Sometimes, we're right, which is thrilling. And other times, we're dead wrong: The Snake just played too good of a game.

How to Watch

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While watching the show, which airs Mondays at 11 E.T./P.T. on USA Network, viewers will notice there are all sorts of different strategies the Snake will employ to avoid detection. But what one has the greatest chance of success? It's hard to say ... so USA Insider asked host Bobby Bones for his take.

"Well, the advantage of the Snake is that they know they're going to be the Snake before they start playing the game ... the Snake already had eight to 10 hours [to figure out strategy]," he told USA Network digital correspondent Stephanie Gomulka of his possible moves. " ... If I'm the Snake, then I would just be ready with with so many backstories and just be prepared to remember names. Because some of the contestants got really smart and they would go, 'What's your cousin's name again?' So, if somebody would get crossed up and all of a sudden, it's Chris and then it's Mike, then you know that's a lie. So, I would just start to have elaborate backstories planned."

But really, he admitted, he wouldn't want to be a contestant on the show anyway: He doesn't think he'd be up for the physical challenges. 

"I don't like heights. I don't like it, I'm good. Even this show, we're in the Costa Rican jungle, and literally in the jungle for 12 hours a day, which sounds glamorous on Instagram when you see a beach, but it's hot. Plus, there are actual snakes out there. We have people walking with us at all times to make sure that there aren't snakes that are ready to bite us, so we have snake handlers all the time. It was an awesome experience, but some of these stunts ... you know in one of the episodes they're up on a wire in between a canyon and it's like 500 feet down below and they're pulling these boxes and you're seeing the rope go up and down and I know they've told me that rope can hold 10,000 pounds [but it's tough to trust if it's you on the rope]," he said. 

Bones pointed out this is one of the aspects that makes the game so hard: The contestants are either trying to keep track of their own lies and attempt at sabotage, or sussing out who is the Snake, which is difficult to do with everything else going on.

"It's a really tough game. [You're] trying to figure out the Snake is but you're so focused on not dying that sometimes you forget to figure out who the Snake is because you're hanging on a rope 500 feet over a cliff," he said. "Let's not forget the clues that are trying to sell you out, so let's say I'm the Snake: There are three clues a team can earn and if they win the challenge, they get a clue. Well, that clue is going to put me more in trouble than before I started so I don't want to get the clue — however, if I purposefully botch a game so we don't get the clue they may know it's me, so I'm trying to juggle, 'Do I win a game so they don't think it's me? But if I win a game then they're going to get the clue!' So it's a constant mind game for all. That's tough!"  

Tune into "Snake In The Grass" Mondays at 11 E.T./P.T. on USA Network.

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