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When Will They Strike? A Preview Of The 'Snake In The Grass' Challenges

"Snake In The Grass" challenges offer the saboteur a chance to strike while opponents are facing physical and mental stunt challenges. 

By Tyler McCarthy
Snake In The Grass Contestant attempting a stunt

The game on “Snake in the Grass” is to use cunning and intuition to figure out who the saboteur is among them. However, how they do that is by unlocking clues through intense physical and mental challenges that will offer more opportunities for the snake to strike. 

How to Watch

Stream all eight episodes of "Snake in the Grass" on Peacock.

Each episode will take four survivalists from vastly different backgrounds and inform them there is a single person among them who is trying to avoid getting found out. If they do identify that person, they get the full $100,000. While there are a lot of great ways to spot a liar, over the course of their days on the island, there are various challenges that the competitors will have to go through to obtain a helpful, albeit cryptic, clue as to the identity of the snake. 

These challenges will put the contestants to the test physically and mentally. They include long endurance hikes and feats of physical strength like zip-lining, climbing, and lifting rocks. They also test their mental capacity with puzzles and problems that require a bit of resourcefulness and know-how. 

Each person goes into the show with a healthy degree of physical and wilderness prowess. As a result, the two real pitfalls during each of these competitions are time constraints and teamwork. The contestants typically have a limited amount of time to get through a challenge, providing the snake an opportunity to sabotage by simply going slowly or stopping completely or pretending to struggle to finish. Meanwhile, with accusations flying left and right, it can be very difficult to get all hands focused on one task when one doesn’t trust any of the people they’re supposed to be working with. 

All of these pitfalls work in favor of the snake in the grass — who may not even need to sabotage the team physically, opting instead to just let paranoia and the ticking clock get the better of their opponents. 

Will the snakes prevail amid the chaos of these physical and mental challenges? Or will it simply provide more opportunities for the snake to slip up and get found out by the other contestants? 

You can find out how it all shakes out when “Snake In The Grass” premieres on USA Network on Monday, August 1 at 11 p.m. ET/PT.

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