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Meet The Players Competing On 'Snake In The Grass' — You'll Spy Some Familiar Faces

Fan-favorite reality competition legends from "Survivor," "Big Brother," and "Naked and Afraid" are among those competing in the new series "Snake In The Grass."

By Becca van Sambeck

Competing in unique challenges that are both physically and mentally taxing is intense. Surviving in the jungle is even more intense. Add in the fact one of your companions is a "snake" out to sabotage you? Well, then you have "Snake In The Grass," a wild and twisty competition series from USA Network.

How to Watch

Stream all eight episodes of "Snake in the Grass" on Peacock.

In each episode of "Snake In The Grass," hosted by radio and television personality Bobby Bones and premiering Monday, August 1 at 11 p.m. ET/PT on USA Network, four players will be dropped into the wilds of a Central American jungle for 36 hours in pursuit of winning $100,000. They just have to figure out who among them is the "snake" —  a saboteur who is secretly undermining the group every step of the way — to earn the cash.

They'll compete in a series of tough challenges, and with each success, they'll be given a clue to help them determine who exactly the snake is. If they don't guess correctly, it's the snake who wins the $100,000.

Many of the contestants will already be recognizable to viewers because several of the players previously appeared on famous reality competition series, including "Survivor," "Big Brother," and "Naked and Afraid." 

Let's meet the players:

Malcom Freberg

Snake In The Grass Malcolm

Age: 34

Location: Corpus Christie, TX

Competition Experience: Malcolm has appeared on multiple seasons of "Survivor," including seasons 25, 26 and 34, and he placed 4th on season 25.

Quote: “I want to both change the world, and have a good time doing it.”

Yul Kwon

Snake In The Grass Yul

Age: 46

Location: Los Altos, CA

Competition Experience: Yul has appeared on season 13 and 40 of "Survivor," and won 1st place on season 13.

Quote: “Like a shark, I need to keep moving forward to breathe.”

Earl Cole

Snake In The Grass Earl

Age: 50

Location: Kansas City, KS

Competition Experience: Earl won 1st place on season 14 of "Survivor."

Quote: “If you’re the smartest person in the room, then you’re in the wrong room.”

Jeff Zausch

Snake In The Grass Jeff

Age: 34

Location: Pocatello, ID

Competition Experience: Jeff has appeared on "Naked And Afraid" and "Naked And Afraid XL." He survived for a combined total of 204 days.

Quote: “If I haven’t given you my word, watch your back.”

Alissa Musto

Snake In The Grass Alissa

Age: 26

Location: Tampa, FL

Quote: “Use your head, don’t lose your head.”

Fun Fact or Slogan: Former Miss Massachusetts.

Ryan Anthony

Snake In The Grass Ryan

Age: 38

Location: West Hollywood, CA

Quote: “I know I’m going to win because I’m a winner.”

Job/Hobby: Life Coach, Private Trainer & Actor.

Andrew Muse

Snake In The Grass Andrew

Age: 33

Location: Park City, UT

Quote: “What you put into the world is what you get out of it.”

Fun Fact or Slogan: Lives in a van and loves it.

Stephanie Ortiz

Snake In The Grass Stephanie

Age: 34

Location: St. Simons Island, GA

Quote: “I want to be the best person for myself and my family.”

Fun Fact or Slogan: Gets down and dirty in the outdoors.

Trish Hegarty

Snake In The Grass Trish

Age: 56

Location: Boston, MA

Competition Experience: Trish competed on "Survivor" Season 28 and finished in 5th place.

Quote: “Don’t mistake my kindness for weakness.”

Fun Fact or Slogan: No-nonsense single mom.

Sean Williams

Snake In The Grass Sean

Age: 36

Location: Bronx, NY

Quote: “I’m a good guy, but can be the bad guy too.”

Fun Fact or Slogan: Rescued passengers from a fatal bus accident.

John Gaber

Snake In The Grass John

Age: 33

Location: Miami, FL

Quote: “Life is about hard truths.”

Job/Hobby: Adrenaline Junkie.

Fun Fact or Slogan: Mom dislikes his tattoos.

Alysia Montaño

Snake In The Grass Alysia

Age: 35

Location: Berkley, CA

Quote: “I am trusting but have a discerning level of scrutiny.”

Job/Hobby: Olympic Runner.

Fun Fact or Slogan: Named a 2020 Most Influential Women in Sports.

Cirie Fields

Snake In The Grass Cirie

Age: 51

Location: Jersey City, NJ

Competition Experience: Cirie has appeared on multiple seasons of "Survivor" including Seasons 12, 16, 20 and 34 and placed 3rd on Season 16.

Quote: “Karma is real, put out what you want back.”

Fun Fact or Slogan: Voted 10th Greatest Competitor on "Survivor."

Stephenie LaGrossa Kendrick

Snake In The Grass Stephenie

Age: 42

Location: Dunedin, FL

Competition Experience: Stephenie has appeared on multiple seasons of "Survivor" including Seasons 10, 11 and 20, and got 2nd place in Season 11.

Quote: “I practice what I preach.”

Fun Fact or Slogan: Stephenie has a 97% fan popularity rating.

Janelle Pierzina

Snake In The Grass Janelle

Age: 41

Location: Minneapolis, MN

Competition Experience: Janelle appeared on multiple seasons of "Big Brother" including Seasons 6, 7, 14, 22 and placed 3rd place on Season 6 and 7. She also finished 8th place in Season 31 of "Amazing Race."

Quote: “Teamwork makes the dream work.”

Fun Fact or Slogan: Janelle was voted America's Favorite houseguest and Best Reality TV star at the VH1 awards.

Rachel Reilly

Snake In The Grass Rachel

Age: 38

Location: Birmingham, al

Competition Experience: Rachel has appeared on Season 12 and 13 of "Big Brother" winning 1st place on Season 13. In addition, she won 1st place on "Fear Factor — Celebrity" and has appeared on Seasons 20, 24, and 31 of "Amazing Race" and placed 3rd in Season 20 and 24.

Quote: “I’m horrible at social games but great at winning.”

Sam Ruebush

Snake In The Grass Sam

Age: 25

Location: Nashville, TN

Quote: “Be a good person when you can.”

Job/Hobby: Dog Mom.

Fun Fact or Slogan: Her bite is worse than her bark.

Xavier Williams

Snake In The Grass Xavier

Age: 22

Location: Los Angeles, CA

Quote: “Bad things can happen, but what if they don’t?”

Job/Hobby: Content Creator.

Fun Fact or Slogan: Gen Z to the core.

Elektra Nelson

Snake In The Grass Elektra

Age: 29

Location: Westchester, NY

Quote: “Intent is different than impact.”

Job/Hobby: Marketing.

Fun Fact or Slogan: Straight talker.

Wyatt Werneth

Snake In The Grass Wyatt

Age: 55

Location: Cocoa Beach, FL

Quote: “Ready to do anything any time.”

Job/Hobby: Stuntman.

Fun Fact or Slogan: Cancer survivor.

Brandon Horton

Snake In The Grass Brandon

Age: 37

Location: Huntsville, AL

Quote: “When trust is broken, you’re at arm’s length.”

Job/Hobby: Strength and Conditioning Coach.

Fun Fact or Slogan: Participated in the Jr Olympics as a kid.

Chelsea Scott

Snake In The Grass Chelsea

Age: 32

Location: Charleston, SC

Quote: “Some people need to learn the hard way.”

Job/Hobby: Artist.

Fun Fact or Slogan: Southern Belle Tomboy.

Michael Steinbech

Snake In The Grass Michael

Age: 39

Location: Columbus, OH

Quote: “My biggest fear is being forgotten.”

Job/Hobby: Construction Project Manager.

Fun Fact or Slogan: Member of Mensa.

Piper “Nai” Knight

Snake In The Grass Nai

Age: 50

Location: San Diego, CA

Quote: “Lead, follow, or get out of the way.”

Job/Hobby: Runs a non-profit surf camp for veterans.

Fun Fact or Slogan: Debutante who can drive a semi.

Brett Kessinger

Snake In The Grass' Brett

Age: 29

Location: St. Louis, MO

Quote: “Say yes to everything at least once.”

Job/Hobby: Marketing.

Fun Fact or Slogan: Honest even when the truth hurts.

Rogerlyn Taylor

Snake In The Grass' Rogerlyn

Age: 26

Location: Laurel, MD

Quote: “I’m the glue that binds us together.”

Job/Hobby: Insurance Producer.

Fun Fact or Slogan: Rule-breaking pageant queen.

David Redmond

Snake In The Grass' David

Age: 50

Location: Atlanta, GA

Quote: “Say what you do, do what you mean.”

Job/Hobby: IT Manager.

Fun Fact or Slogan: Ironman Athlete.

Lacey Jones

Snake In The Grass' Lacey

Age: 35

Location: Tamaroa, IL

Competition Experience: Lacy competed on "Naked And Afraid" for five seasons including three seasons of "Naked and Afraid XL."

Quote: “Say yes to everything at least once.”

Job/Hobby: Marketing.

Fun Fact or Slogan: Honest even when the truth hurts.

Juliet Bell

Snake In The Grass Juliet

Age: 27

Location: Los Angeles, CA

Quote: “No one owes you anything."

Job/Hobby: Equestrian (Hunter/Jumper).

Fun Fact or Slogan: Volunteered to rehabilitate animals in Zimbabwe.

Todd Duffee

Snake In The Grass Todd

Age: 35

Location: Gary, IN

Quote: “No deeper way to compete than fighting with your life.”

Job/Hobby: Student pursuing a Bachelor Degree in Exercise Science.

Fun Fact or Slogan: Was a Big Brother mentor to underprivileged kids.

Victoria Gusto

Snake In The Grass Victoria

Age: 49

Location: Las Vegas, NV

Quote: “I hate to lose, it’s just my nature.”

Job/Hobby: Teaching boxing aerobics.

Fun Fact or Slogan: Competed in bikini bodybuilding.

Ryan McCune

Snake In The Grass Ryan2

Age: 29

Location: West Covina, CA

Quote: “I’m willing to fail to move forward.”

Job/Hobby: Black Belt in Taekwondo.

Fun Fact or Slogan: Has volunteered with children and with AIDs patients in South Africa.

Tune in on Monday, August 1 at 11 p.m. ET/PT on USA Network for the "Snake In The Grass" premiere.

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