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The Final Clue Is The Snake's Undoing In 'Snake In The Grass' Episode 2

Ryan, Andrew, Alissa, and Stephanie all had very different theories about who was the Snake throughout the episode.

By Becca van Sambeck

This week's episode of "Snake In The Grass" had viewers on the edge of their seats, featuring four competitors who didn't exactly get along. But who was really the Snake?

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The episode started off by introducing us to our four competitors: Ryan, who hosts "a podcast on taboo issues" and says they don't care about offending other people with their brutal honesty; Stephanie, who says she's looking for some adventure and to not live with regrets; Andrew, an athlete whose lived in vehicles for the last several years; and Alissa, a former beauty queen who currently acts as a musician.

The first clue takes the four off guard, as host Bobby Bones tells them, "The Snake grew up all over because dad moved a lot. Got their head shaved at a school where discipline was taught." They agree it sounds like a military school thing, but who among them had their head shaved once?

The first challenge doesn't provide much clarity, as some of the players must head down a cliff to examine an "intricate snake petroglyph" which they have to describe to the other players, who are trying to recreate it with puzzle pieces down below. Tensions rise as Ryan quickly feuds with both Andrew and Alissa. The challenge is a fail, and they don't get the clue.

Still, they receive another clue at camp, where they learn that the Snake was once married, and after it failed, they headed to Africa. Alissa causes some concern when she has to think about whether or not she's been to Africa, and then adds she's been to Morocco, but then later Ryan reveals he, too, has been to Morocco, adding more confusion among the group.

The next challenge has the group searching for planks, which they use to build a ramp system to allow them to reach a box hanging between two trees. They succeed and learn: "The snake has a job reading people all day, don't underestimate their size because they've come here to play."

This clue shakes Alissa and Andrew, who were convinced it was Ryan — but the idea of size being a factor has completely thrown that. At the Snake Pit, Ryan argues Stephanie, who he thinks messed up during the last challenge by twisting the carabiners while lifting up the boards for the ramp, is actually the Snake. In the end, this sways the group: There is only one vote for Alissa, and the rest for Stephanie.

And it turns out they were right! Stephanie was the Snake the whole time, trying to stay chill and low-key to avoid suspicion. She did twist up the carabiners, amid other acts of challenge sabotage. It was the final clue that did her in, as well as Ryan's persistence.

Tune into "Snake In The Grass," airing Mondays at 11 p.m. ET/PT on USA Network.

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