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Here's Who Was REALLY The Snake In 'Snake In The Grass' Episode 4

Sam, Elektra, Wyatt, and Xavier all tried to figure out who among them was the Snake in Episode 4.

By Becca van Sambeck
All Boys Are Snakes

On the most recent episode of "Snake In The Grass," there was a bit of a generational divide as 55-year-old stuntman Wyatt Wernath tried to overcome challenges with his fellow competitors, Elektra Nelson, Xavier Williams, and Sam Ruebush, who are all in their 20s. But while all four had different methods of communicating, it was clear one among them was a Snake trying to trip everyone up. So, who was it?

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Here's who was the Snake in Episode 4 of "Snake In The Grass":

Unlike in other episodes, our foursome learned the rules of the game at the site of their first challenge in Santa Ines. There is a zip line positioned 350 feet above a canyon, with 15 flags attached to it. They have to down the zip line, collect the four flags that have symbols on them while riding down, and then correctly match the flags to the answer board at the bottom of the zip line. 

Sam and Elecktra seemingly bond during the challenge, especially as Elektra does well during it, leading them to suspect the men, although Xavier helps them win in the end.

The first clue reads: "This only child loves cosplay and wears many disguises, beware that a Snake comes in all shapes and sizes."

Xavier and Elektra both claim they have twins in their family, which seems to indicate they couldn't be the Snake. And while disguising the possibility of cosplay, Elektra immediately shuts it down, saying she is too religious to be involved in that kind of activity, although Wyatt finds it suspicious as she has "a foul mouth," in his opinion.

They decide to read the clue they found at the campsite, which reads, "While traveling abroad is part of their past, the Snake hates the outdoors where they dirty too fast." Xavier and Elektra insist they've never left the country before, while Wyatt decides to make an accusation: Sam has traveled abroad before. Xavier turns it around on Wyatt since Xavier says he's being defensive and accusing others. Ultimately, they're still confused about who the Snake could be, although Sam and Elektra continue to build a stronger friendship while they camp.

At the second challenge, they're brought to a river, which has a box at the bottom of it containing the key needed to unlock the final Snake clue. The team needs to use the tools they're given to pull the box out and undo the chains on it. Sam makes a mistake when she tosses the wrong rope into the river, while Wyatt and Xavier get in a spat. Despite these mishaps, they ultimately get the box open and win the challenge.

The final clue reads: "With pom poms and spirit the Snake cheered in a gym, but when in a group won't go out on a limb." What could it mean?

At the Snake Pit, Elektra reveals Sam had told her before she was a cheerleader. The others agree the clues seem to fit Sam the best, while Sam tries to convince Elektra it isn't her and hones in on Xavier as the potential Snake. Still, it's three votes for Sam.

The real Snake is then unveiled: Elektra! 

She admits her strategy was to do well in the challenges while lying about herself whenever she could. Luckily, it seems like Sam may be able to forgive her so they continue their friendship.

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