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Who Is 'Snake In The Grass' Player Trish Hegarty? 'Survivor' Fans Know!

Trish Hegarty made a big splash on 'Survivor' in Season 28. Now she's going back to the wilderness for another game on "Snake In The Grass."

By Tyler McCarthy
Snake In The Grass Trish

Among the many contestants trying to discover the saboteur on “Snake In the Grass” is a handful of former “Survivor” alums, who will make their way to Costa Rica to put their wilderness game skills to the ultimate test. 

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Stream all eight episodes of "Snake in the Grass" on Peacock.

Featured heavily in the first preview for “Snake In The Grass” is a familiar face to fans of “Survivor”: Trish Hegarty. The 56-year-old Needham, Massachusetts native appeared on Season 28 of the show in 2014. While on the show, she was immediately underestimated — literally. 

During the season’s First Impressions twist, her tribal leader named her the weakest member. She had a lot of proving herself to do after that, so she immediately got to work. Those who watched the season know Trish to have been a dynamic player who was more than capable when it came to the physical aspect of the game. However, where she really thrived was in brokering alliances with key players. 

Unfortunately, that only took her to fifth place out of the 18 contestants with her that year. Still, her time on “Survivor” more than qualified her to appear on “Snake In The Grass.” For those unfamiliar, the show takes four survivalists and drops them off in a remote area of Central America. Their job is to figure out who among them is trying to secretly ruin their chances. If the three players suss out the Snake, they split $100,000. However, if the Snake tricks them all, they walk away with the full prize. 

This twist will likely rub Trish the wrong way given that she previously noted in her “Survivor” bio that her three least favorite things are “liars, laziness, manipulators, and arrogance." Unless of course, she is the Snake ... 

Fortunately, there’s way more to “Snake In The Grass” than the mind games. The contestants will have to undergo a series of physical challenges in order to receive key clues as to the identity of the Snake. Trish previously referred to herself as a “brawn” when it comes to competition. 

“I was raised in a home with four very tough brothers who were all incredible hockey players. They used to put me in goal and take slap shots off me from about two feet away when I was in kindergarten,” she said at the time. “Needless to say, they taught me well. I grew up athletic, tough and confident in the defense of myself and others. My life has been very difficult with many ugly and unpredictable obstacles and I made a conscious choice to never give up on myself or my dreams.”

However, will her strength help her win the challenges and figure out the identity of the nake … or will they help her sabotage her teammates for a chance to win the grand prize all to herself? 

Those curious to see how their favorite “Survivor” alum does will just have to tune into “Snake In The Grass” when it premieres on Monday, August 1 at 11 p.m. ET/PT on USA Network.

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