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Hurt Feelings And Harsh Words: The Most Dramatic Moments On 'Temptation Island'

The drama never stops on "Temptation Island," which has led to some pretty exciting moments over the years. 

By Tyler McCarthy

The drama never stops on “Temptation Island.” With tensions running high in the villas, things often boil over in intense ways. However, some blowups are bigger than others.

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Whether it’s friction between the singles, hurt feelings between couples, or ferocious tell-all bonfires, there’s always someone lighting a match to the powder keg that is "Temptation Island." Here's a rundown of some of the biggest doozies on the show so far. 

Ashley And KB’s Blowup

In Season 2, Deac Conti tried to win over Ashley Howland by decorating her bed with flowers. However, she had already made up her mind about Ben Knobloch and took him into that bed instead. 

This dramatic clip opened with Deac expressing his frustration over the situation to Ashley Goldson and the man she was having a fling with, Kalaan Brown (KB). Somehow, the conversation went awry and the focus shifted away from Deac’s heartbreak and morphed into a bout between Ashley and KB. 

Essentially, it started when he interrupted her conversation with Deac and then got upset when she called him out on it. 

“Don’t tell me what to do,” KB said,

He further stirs the pot when Ashley Howland and Ben came downstairs and he forced Ashley Goldson to explain what they were all talking about. Tensions ran high and Ashley G. eventually got up from the table, saying she was done talking and called them all a “bunch of bi***es.” 

That damagesdKB’s alpha male sensibilities and he began to threaten her by saying, “Watch your mouth.” 

Undeterred, Ashley G continued to berate him for “being in his feelings.” 

“This is exactly who you are, and I love it,” she said. “I really wish you well, KB. Boy, bye.” 

She wasn’t kidding. The next day she ended up sending KB home and ultimately left the island with her boyfriend, Rick Fleur

Karl’s Harsh Words

The time before the couples reunite is always a volatile one. Not only do the couples have to prepare to answer for their actions, but they also have to let the singles they connected with along the way know where they stand. 

Such was the case for Karl Collins, who sat in this clip with Brittney Rose ahead of his reunion with girlfriend Nicole Tutewohl. Needless to say, he and Brittney had a pretty intense connection while on the island. She was under the impression that it would last well beyond the show. 

However, she got very emotional and practically dumped him when he explained he had a lot of work to do when it came to fully separating from Nicole. 
“It’s tripping me up a lot. Everything you’re saying just feels really distant all of a sudden,” Brittney said. 

“I gotta go back to Chicago and say, ‘Hey, are we done? Are we moving forward? What are we doing?’” he explained. “And even if we move forward, it’s going to hurt like f***ing hell.”

That’s when Brittney seemed to realize that she and Karl weren’t as solid as she thought and she got frustrated.  

“You’re right, so go back and be in your f***ing sh***y relationship and I’ll go home and I’ll figure out how to get over it,” she snapped. 

Brittney began to cry and said she didn’t see this conversation coming at all “based on the way it felt.” 

“I’m glad that I was able to help you strengthen your relationship,” she said. “I just hope you didn’t use me for that.” 

It’s harsh but honest. Ultimately he left the island alone and didn’t pursue an outside relationship with Brittney. In fact, after the show ended, he got back together with Nicole for a time before they ultimately called it quits for good. 

Kendal’s Last Stand

If we’re being honest, Kendal Kirkland was very naughty during his time on “Temptation Island.” He cheated on his girlfriend, Erica Washington, many times. Meanwhile, the worst thing she did was share a kiss on her final overnight date after viewing his multiple transgressions for weeks at bonfires. 

Still, when it came time to reunite at the final bonfire, Kendal did his best to equate their behavior. 

After he was called out for what he did, he took responsibility for his actions but went a step too far when he claimed he stayed awake at night feeling guilty for what he’d done and worrying about how he was going to explain it to Erica. 

She noted he continued to exhibit bad behavior anyway. Meanwhile, she said, she sat in the house trying to avoid talking to anyone. 

“So did you resist temptation?” he asked slyly. 

Erica confessed that she kissed someone on her overnight date “because I felt like it and because it was something that made me happy.” 

“OK, if that makes you happy. If that’s what you want to spiritually pour yourself into,” he said. “We have these conversations and we talk about our future all the time and what it takes to get there.” 

That’s when Erica snapped and called Kendal out for talking about the future with another woman in the villa. 

“Don’t make it sound like I was talking about the future with the whole house because that wasn’t the case,” he said. 

“Well you were sleeping with the whole world,” she responded.

Chicken Fight

Living with a collection of partying singles can be tough, especially when you take a little too long to feed them. 

That’s what happened in the Season 3 household when Maya Morsi and other ladies were taking a bit too long cooking some chicken thighs for the household, according to Amanda Spain-Butts. 

So, they decided to snatch five pieces out of the oven and throw them on the grill so they could have something to eat faster, which Maya described as being like bringing “McDonald's to Thanksgiving.” 

When the real food was finally ready, she announced that those who had the grilled chicken needed to wait for everyone else to get served first. 

“Apparently, we’ve got a mom in the house!” Amanda mocked while she and Maddy ran off to badmouth Maya.

The comment was a bridge too far for Maya, who had to be held back from going after them by Julian Allen, who saw the moment as a red flag in their budding connection. Apparently, he’s team grilled chicken. 

Blake The Fake

Blake Eyres, the handsome dentist, caused quite a stir in the Season 3 household when he immediately hit it off with Chelsea Orcutt. Their immediate connection seemed to rub many of the guys the wrong way.

In fact, many started to think that his good guy image was just that: a fake image he projected to win people's approval. When the nickname “Blake the Fake” became popular in the villa, Chelsea eventually caught wind of it and started to notice some things about her new guy that made her raise an eyebrow. 

So, when she didn’t pick Blake for another date, he began searching the household to find out who was putting ideas in her head. That’s when he exchanged barbs with Rocky Buttery and Trent Jespersen who were very firmly team “Blake The Fake.” 

Not wanting to be confrontational himself, Blake sent Shaquille Urie over to call the duo out, which led to a house-wide argument. First, Shaquille got upset when Erica Washington jumped in and told him to walk away. Then Blake confronted Chelsea about everything before trying to take a poll among the other single guys about who thinks he’s fake. 

In the end, it was a big mess that was only solved after everyone got bored of fighting and decided to get back to partying.

Casey’s Frustration

Casey Starchak had more than a connection with Payton Burgess after she made it clear early on in their journey that she had a massive crush on him. However, he continued to keep her at arm’s length while simultaneously flirting with other girls. 

Things got heated when Medinah Monroe called him out and asked why he was “friendzoning” everyone. 

“That’s kinda fun, to just be able to do whatever the f*** you want to do,” he said. 

He then went on a pretty damning rant about his girlfriend, Ashley Howland, saying that he would be fine with it if she dumped him so he could go back to the lifestyle of hooking up with whoever he wants. He even noted that he maybe wasn’t entirely honest when he told her he loved her. 

That’s when Payton wandered over to the conversation and Medinah started warning her that, based on what she just heard, Casey is an (in her words) “a******.”

This led to an even more heated conversation in the hot tub between Payton and Casey as she questioned why he thinks it’s OK for him to behave this way and lead her on. Finally, Casey had enough and snapped at her. 

“I’ve got a f***ing girlfriend! We’ve talked about this a million f***ing times! What do I talk about? What do I say? I have to leave,” he said before storming off and leaving a heartbroken Payton alone in the hot tub.

"Temptation Island" airs Wednesdays at 10 p.m. ET on USA Network. Catch up now on USA Network.

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