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What Happened To The Cast Of 'Temptation Island' Season 2?

"Temptation Island" Season 2 was one of the most eventful to date. Find out where all the couples are today after their experience on the show. 

By Tyler McCarthy
Temptation Island Season 2 Couples

“Temptation Island” Season 2 had some of the most shocking and even sexiest moments out of any run yet. Couples got together, stayed together and even broke up completely. With so many emotional highs and lows, many questions may remain about where everyone stands years later. 

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In a season that saw a first-night hookup, an emotional love triangle and a threesome, there were a lot of feelings running rampant throughout the villas. As wild as things got, each person had to sit down with their significant other and Mark L. Walberg to answer for their actions and decide what the future will hold. 

However, as with every messy relationship, the story often didn’t end so clean-cut for the couples. This begs the question, what happened with Ashley Howland, Esonica Veira, Ashley Goldson, Kate Griffith and their respective boyfriends Casey Starchak, Gavin Rocker, Rick Fleur and David Benavidez? 

Fortunately, we’ve got the answers: 

Ashley and Casey

Season 2 Couple Ashley And Casey

Perhaps the most heartbroken person on Season 2 of “Temptation Island” was Casey. After he mouthed off to the other single women that he would be fine if his girlfriend of a year and a half broke up with him, Ashley felt they were done and it was his call. Not only did she think her relationship was done, she couldn't shake the feeling it was never even real.

She quickly got herself involved in a love triangle with Deac Conti and Ben Knobloch that led to some pretty intense feelings. At the final bonfire, Casey decided, despite everything, it was a good time to propose to Ashely. However, she had already made up her mind to leave the island with Ben. 

Heartbroken, Casey made the decision not to participate in the Season 2 reunion. However, it was revealed there that Ben broke things off with Ashely after she hooked up with Casey one more time after the show ended (she claims they only kissed, though). She said at the time she wanted to take a step back from dating and really focus on herself and being single. 

It seems she’s been doing just that since the show ended, living her best life on Instagram without making it official with anyone new. Meanwhile, Ben has found a new partner who he isn't shy about posting photos with on Instagram. In January of 2023, they revealed they're engaged. Meanwhile, Casey began dedicating himself to fitness and started an OnlyFans account. He too seems to have found someone new, a firefighter. He recently posted about their two-year anniversary together. 

David and Kate

Season 2 Couple David And Kate

On the island, Kate made a romantic connection with Dominique Price but it never went beyond kissing. David, meanwhile, had one of the steamiest nights in “Temptation Island” history when he cheated on his girlfriend of three years with Samantha Hoffman and Payton Burgess in a now-infamous threesome. He didn’t even end up having a relationship with either of them on the island, opting instead to leave with Toneata Morgan. 

However, things simply got more complicated from there. When the cast got back together for the reunion, many were shocked to see that David and Kate had actually gotten back together and were trying to make it work after all his infidelity on the island. It even came out that there was a kiss that didn’t make it to air that he lied to Kate about. 

They released a since-deleted statement on Instagram essentially telling people not to judge them based on the insight they got into their relationship from a reality TV show, according to "Us Weekly." They both fell off their high horse soon after when they split for good. These days, David has gone private on social media and taken a step out of the public eye. Kate, meanwhile, has found a new partner in entrepreneur Anand Sukhadia. She posts about him regularly on Instagram along with their very cute dog. As recently April of 2023, they appear to be going strong with him sharing a very sweet video to celebrate her on her birthday.

Esonica and Gavin

Season 2 Couple Gavin And Esonica

Esonica and Gavin came to the island to see if they (mostly he) could resist temptation and thus help her get over her trust issues. However, once they separated, she immediately hit it off with Kareem Thomas. Although Gavin was no saint on the island, he remained pretty much faithful while Esonica slowly explored a physical relationship with Kareem. 

At the final bonfire, Gavin was willing to work things out, but Esonica ultimately decided she wanted to leave the island with Kareem. However, the romance didn’t last too long after the island. Esonica and Kareem explained on the reunion that they didn’t talk much after they left “Temptation Island” and didn’t pursue the feelings they developed there. While there was no bad blood between them, Esonica and Gavin couldn’t agree on exactly what happened on the show and the degree of infidelity that took place. Ultimately, he told her he lost respect for her and that was that between them.

He went on to pursue a career in acting and has since landed small parts in “Young Rock” and “American Underdog.” Esonica, meanwhile dove headfirst into her career. She became the CEO of her own cosmetics line called “Forever Royal.” She also got a boon to her on-camera career as the new host of "Living Proof TV," a Caribbean-based pop culture TV show. Neither of them seems to have found a new relationship yet, though. 

Ashley and Rick

Season 2 Couple Ashley And Rick

Ashley and Rick were one of the most puzzling couples on the second season of “Temptation Island.” After separating into their villas, their relationship fell apart almost immediately when he offhandedly said “I’m not handcuffing her” at the very first date selection. 

She took that so hard that she had sex with Kalaan Brown on the first night. Meanwhile, Rick took things slow in the house, even after seeing what his significant other had done. As the season progressed, Ashley and Kalaan had an explosive split and she ultimately sent him packing. Meanwhile, Rick pursued his feelings for Medinah Ali. Although they didn’t have sex, they slept together and she was definitely crushing on him going into the final bonfire. At the time, however, he called her a "friend." 

Surprisingly, though, Rick and Ashely decided to leave the island together and work things out. Not surprisingly, by the time the reunion came, Rick and Ashley were no more and he was open to pursuing a relationship with Medinah. 

However, it doesn’t seem like that happened. After the show, Rick got heavily into modeling for athletic brands while Medinah threw herself into social media and her podcast, “Cocktales.” Although they shared a sneaky kiss on the reunion, whatever happened after that wasn’t enough for them to make anything publicly official. In fact, in 2020 Rick took to Twitter to tell his followers that he is indeed single. 

As for Ashley, she too does not seem to have gone social media official with anyone new. However, she is on a bit of a quest to help people find love on TV. She got into casting after the show and has worked on numerous dating shows such as “Love Island,” “Love Is Blind” and more. 

"Temptation Island" Season 5 is coming soon to USA Network. Catch up now on USA Network and Peacock.

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