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Where to Watch Every Temptation Island Reunion Special

So you've finished a Temptation Island season and now you want to see if there's a reunion. We've got you covered. 

By Tyler McCarthy
Full Opening: Questions Answered at the Reunion

As with most reality dating shows, the drama doesn’t stop when the cameras stop rolling after the finale. That’s why most shows have a post-finale reunion special that checks in on where the cast is now and how their romances fared in the real world.

How to Watch

Watch Temptation Island on the USA app and Peacock.

Temptation Island is no exception, and over the years its reunions have been home to some of the juiciest drama in all of reality TV. So, how do you make sure you’re not sleeping on the reunions? You’re in luck because we’re here to tell you everything you need to know to watch every Temptation Island reunion. 

Do all Temptation Island Seasons have a reunion? 

Unfortunately, no. The first season of Temptation Island on USA Network opted to simply touch base with everyone of note six months after the final bonfire. As a result, the finale of Season 1 simply ends with a small prologue in which the contestants are seen at home, reunited with their families, and giving a small update on their lives. 

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It’s not until Season 2 that the couples and singles begin to reunite with each other for a lengthy discussion about everything that went down on the show and that's gone down since the show ended. All of it is moderated by the incomparable Mark L. Walberg. So, for Seasons 2-4 (soon to be 5), you can catch an extra episode of Temptation Island — but how? 

Where can I watch the Temptation Island reunions? 

Maybe you’re new to Temptation Island or maybe you’re a longtime fan who just wants to relive the drama and spectacle of the reunions. Either way, there are only a few places to go to get your fix from the greatest romantic experiment on the planet. All episodes of Temptation Island Seasons 1-4 are currently streaming on Peacock as well as the USA Network site. All you have to do is sign in with your cable provider or your Peacock credentials. These platforms include reunions, which act as the final episode of each season. So, while they’re not easy to miss, it’s understandable if you watched the final bonfire and figured everything was over and done with. Luckily, you now know there’s even more to sink your teeth into after the couples and singles leave the island. 

It’s worth noting you can also go to the official USA Network YouTube channel and find clips and highlights from the three reunion specials that have happened so far. However, no mere clip nor highlight can fully encapsulate what actually goes down on the stage. 

What happens on the Temptation Island reunions? 

As far as format goes, the Temptation Island reunions are pretty simple. Walberg has the former couples (who are willing to participate) sit together on one side of the stage while most of the singles from the season sit on the other. One by one, he calls each couple to join him on the couch along with the singles who made an impact on them to hash out what happened on the island as well as where everyone is in their relationships now. 

You’d be surprised how even the most loving or spiciest romances are impacted in the months following filming as the vacation brain gives way to real life and couples new and old alike face bigger life challenges than who they’re going to take on their next date or what will happen at the next bonfire

It’s also interesting to see what the people involved think of everything now that they’ve seen all the episodes of their season and there’s no hiding what took place in the villas. Sure everyone gets to see a little bit of what’s going on at the bonfires, but once they see the full episodes, the gloves tend to come off. That one person you hoped would get called out for their misdeeds on the island often finds themselves in the hot seat at the reunion. 

So go forth Temptation Island fans and check out the reunion specials. If you’re still looking to get up to speed on where the couples have been since even the reunion was taped, we here at USAInsider have you covered. You can check our updates on where every key player in Season 1, Season 2, Season 3, and Season 4 are today. 

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