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Hania Calls Out Lascelles For Cheating On The ‘Temptation Island After Show’

Lascelles tries to convince both himself and the guys that his relationship with Trace on "Temptation Island" came after Ashley's kiss with Blake.

By Tyler McCarthy
Lascelles And Hania At The Bonfire

Hania Stoker took a break from his post-show self-reflection to hold fellow “Temptation Island” cast member Lascelles Lagares accountable for stepping out emotionally on his girlfriend, Ashley Rodriguez. 

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On the latest installment of the “Temptation Island After Show,” Ashley and Lascelles sat down with the girls and guys, respectively, to watch as Ashley shared her first kiss with single suitor Blake Blumenshine. While the ladies gushed over how romantic and tender the moment was, Lascelles immediately stepped into hindsight mode and began blaming his actions for her decision to pursue a connection with someone else. 

As viewers will remember, Lascelles spent the last episode of “Temptation Island” declaring his undying love for Trace Winningham. Although he’s expressed some regret on previous "After Show" installments for how everything went down, he noted this time that seeing Ashley kiss someone else made him feel more relieved than jealous. 

“Seeing her and Blake kissing and being more passionate, it made me just feel a lot lighter,” he tells the guys. “I didn’t have to deal with, ‘I’m doing all the dirt and she’s been on her best behavior.’ Seeing her let loose allowed me to say, ‘OK, I can just be more free.’”

Fortunately, Hania stepped in to check his fellow cast member and address his timeline of events.

“You’d already been doing your thing,” Hania tells Lascelles. 

In other words, Hania notes that Lascelles getting more intimate with Trace happened before Ashley’s kiss with Blake. So, the idea that Lascelles felt he was safe to get deeper in “love” with Trace after seeing his girlfriend of seven years kiss someone isn't the right timeline. 

As always, though, Lascelles had an answer. 

“I was already doing my thing, but hearing her say that, I was like ‘I’m going to feel less guilty about doing that,” he says. 

Lascelles goes on to allege that the kiss had nothing to do with Ashley and Blake’s connection and everything to do with him. 

“I didn’t feel pain. I didn’t wanna see it, sure, but I didn’t care enough to be like, ‘Man, that hit hard,” he says. “I knew it was retaliation. I knew she didn’t have a deep enough connection with these guys where she’s like ‘I’m going to replace [Lascelles] with this person. I knew that off the bat.”

He adds: “I didn’t see any guy on the show that’s an upgrade from me as a total package, and that’s just me being honest.” 

Not to be totally irredeemable, Lascelles admits he should have taken Ashley’s feelings into account when he publicly declared his love for Trace.

Meanwhile, contrary to what Lascelles thinks, Ashley notes there was a lot to that kiss that had nothing to do with Lascelles.

“That kiss was so emotional and there were just a lot of feelings in there,” she says. “Feelings of me liking him, him liking me, and I just felt safe and like magical sparks were there.” 

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