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‘It’s Very Cringeworthy’: Lascelles Reveals He Regrets Telling Trace He Loves Her So Soon

Lascelles Lagares issued an apology to Ashley Rodriguez and Trace Winningham for rushing into declarations of love on Season 4 of "Temptation Island." 

By Tyler McCarthy
Trace Making A Shocked Face While Sitting Next To Lascelles

Once again, the couples of “Temptation Island” Season 4 got together to watch the latest episode and unpack the most shocking, hottest, and, in this case, cringiest moments. 

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Last week, Lascelles Lagares took his connection with Trace Winningham to the next level by telling the rest of the villa that he is only interested in talking to her. If you thought there is simply no way he could be any more dramatic, you’d be wrong. 

Lascelles sat down with the rest of the coupled guys on the "Temptation Island After Show" and watched the moment in Episode 6 in which he tells Trace that he is not only in love with her, but that he sees her as a “future wife.” Did he forget about Ashley Rodriguez, his girlfriend of seven years? Nope. 

Looking back, Lascelles realizes that his words were “really bad” and he can’t bear to look at the screen during his conversation with Trace.

“I can’t even see myself do that,” he says. “It’s like I’m still getting to learn this girl and I’m saying ‘I love you’?! It’s unfair, it’s an unfair thing to say because now you put it on someone else.”

He adds: “It’s very cringeworthy.” 

With the benefit of hindsight, he admits he’s ashamed to have told a woman he didn’t really know that he has feelings as deep as love — especially when he had a girlfriend of seven years. Lascelles puts some of the blame for his big declaration on Trace for putting pressure on him to make up his mind. 

“She’s like, ‘You’re not stern enough, you keep flip-flopping,’” he says. “And now I’m confused. You’re dragging me along, that’s not fair.” 

The coupled ladies, meanwhile, are shouting at their screen that Lascelles barely knows Trace, so there's no excuse for telling her he loves her. 

“I genuinely think he was thinking about me the whole time,” Ashley explains. “So he has that in his head, also trying to explore and figure out what he thinks he wants in his life while being open and exploring with Trace and the other girls. So all of those emotions in one, it’s too much.” 

Ash Lamiroult then offers their thoughts on what was going on with Lascelles at the time. 

“He loves the love independent, strong women give to themselves, obviously,” Ash says. “He’ll just follow them and then, at some point, he decides he’s the coach and he did all of it.” 

Looking back, Lascelles actually offers an apology for his behavior with Trace and Ashley. 

“It was very unfair of me to make all these final decisions and have these final thoughts without having a conversation with Ashley. And that’s so messed up,” he concludes. “It’s OK to have these feelings, but at least be able to talk it out with a partner, especially someone you love of seven years. So I just wanted to apologize to her because that is just not right.”

Was his apology too little too late to save his relationship with Ashley? Fans will have to tune into the rest of “Temptation Island” Season 4 to find out. 

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