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Where Is The Cast From 'Temptation Island' Season 1 Now?

"Temptation Island" returned in 2019 with an all-new cast of couples and singles. After all the drama and heartbreak, where are they now? 

By Tyler McCarthy
Temptation Island Season One Cast

In 2019, “Temptation Island” returned to TV to bring a new group of couples to paradise to see if their relationships could withstand the allure of someone new. Now, years later, you may be wondering what ultimately happened to the first group of people and their relationships after they left the island.

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Javen Butler, John Thurmond, Karl Collins and Evan Smith came to the island with their respective girlfriends Shari Ligons, Kady Krambeer, Nicole Tutewohl and Kaci Campbell feeling pretty confident that their bonds were strong enough to withstand living apart with sexy singles for a whole month. What ensued was a season of steamy hookups, breakups, and even an engagement

The show caught up with the couples after six months later, but where do things stand today as the fifth season looms?

Shari and Javen

Javen Butler And Shari Ligons

Shari and Javen were the big success story of Season 1. The high school sweethearts came to “Temptation Island” to see if it was time to take things to the next level or if they needed to separate in order to grow. Add in the fact that Javen had previously cheated on her and the duo had a lot to prove going into the experience. 

Fortunately, despite being tempted left and right for weeks, both Javen and Shari managed to avoid cheating on each another. When they were reunited at the final bonfire, Javen got down on one knee and proposed to Shari. She said yes and the show caught up with them months later planning their wedding. 

However, they showed up to the Season 2 reunion special and explained they decided to linger in their engagement phase for a bit longer. Still, everything seemed fine between them. They even launched a podcast together titled “Shari & Javen” where they discuss their lives, their relationship and, of course, “Temptation Island.” 

Things took a bit of a turn in 2020, according to "TheCheatSheet." Justin Sturm claimed he and Shari hooked up on the island and cameras simply didn’t catch it. Javen seemingly confirmed they hit a bump in the road when he called her a cheater on Twitter, and she later took to Instagram where she implied they had split. However, it seems they’ve since worked things out. 

As recently as April 11, 2022, the duo dusted off their podcast, which went on a break in 2020, to share they took a trip together to Yosemite. Meanwhile, they've doubled down on producing YouTube content on their joint channel. Javen opened a recent episode by introducing Shari as his "lovely, beautiful and stunning fiancee." Although they’re still not married, it seems they’re together and going strong. 

Nicole and Karl

Nicole Tutewohl And Karl Collins

After two years of dating, fitness buffs Nicole and Karl came to “Temptation Island” to work out their relationship issues. However, they ultimately ended up vibing with other people. Although they didn’t find a new partner in either of the singles they paired off with, at the final bonfire they decided it was best for them to go their separate ways.

The finale showed Karl and Nicole both rededicating themselves to their careers and passions. However, they weren’t done with each other just yet. 

The duo got back together months after filming ended and even adopted an adorable puppy named Kobe. Unfortunately, their reconnection didn’t last. By 2021, Karl revealed on social media that he is officially single. Nicole confirmed this in 2022 with a tweet that told her followers she is “single & ready to mingle.” 

Today, they're back to basics and, although they both appear to be single for the time being, they're still both heavily in the world of fitness. She kicked off her very own online workout brand while he continues to work as a content creator for various fitness brands he believes in.

Kady and John

John Thurmond And Kady Krambeer

John and Kady made quite a stir during their time on “Temptation Island” by sparking some important conversations about masculinity. However, it ultimately wasn’t meant to be between them. 

She paired off almost immediately with single suitor Johnny Alexander and they basically started dating while still on the island. Seeing this, John pursued his feelings for Katheryn Golden. In the end, they decided it was time to move on. However, that was a little bit tricky since they lived together in Texas. He noted six months later that he was willing to work on their relationship and they had even kept it romantic for a little while after the show.

That’s when she told him she was going to travel to New York to see Johnny and wanted him to take care of her pets while she was away. Instead, he kicked her out of his life. He wasn’t able to do long-distance with Katheryn, though, and whatever Kady had with Johnny fizzled out shortly after her trip. Since then, she’s kept up appearances on social media, which includes promoting her marketing agency Kannon and hanging out with her "Temptation Island" girls.

Meanwhile John went private on social media for a time but eventually returned. He mentioned in a New Years 2020 post that 2019 and the experience was difficult. It didn't help that he had to say goodbye to two of his beloved dogs in those months as well. Meanwhile, the personal trainer's career was impacted by the COVID-19 pandemic but he managed to continue working by offering online classes. Today, he spends his time surrounding himself with friends and family and goofing around on social media. 

Kaci and Evan

Evan Smith And Kaci Campbell

Doubtless, the most shocking breakup on “Temptation Island” Season 1 was between Kaci and Evan, who had essentially known each other since they were kids. They went to the island living together and sharing a dog, which made their split all the more difficult.

Although they were pretty confident in what they had at the beginning of their experience, Evan quickly succumbed to his infatuation with Morgan Lolar. Before the final bonfire, he was professing his undying love to Morgan and made it clear he was not only planning to dump his high school sweetheart but he also wanted to leave with her. 

Despite Kaci literally begging him not to throw away what they had for someone he barely knew, Evan went through with it and quickly moved in with Morgan after the show ended. To add insult to Kaci’s injury, Evan proposed to her at the six-month mark and she accepted. 

But Morgan spoke with “Us Weekly” in 2020 and revealed that she called off the engagement. She claimed Evan didn’t work for the year and a half they lived together, which put pressure on her to support him financially — and that he responded by cheating on her. Although he never confirmed these details, he tweeted an apology to her in April of that year. Morgan went into more detail about her side of their breakup in a series of lengthy YouTube videos. Meanwhile, she and Kaci seem to have bonded over their mutual distaste for Evan. 

Evan is still very active on social media with most of his content focusing on his hard-partying lifestyle. As for Kaci, she is thriving creatively. She hosts the "It's Tempting" podcast as well as the "My Living Room Couch" podcast. Meanwhile, she's expanded into all forms of social media including YouTube and OnlyFans. She appears to still be single but is loving her life post-show. She even seems to have sparked a friendship with some of the singles from Season 4 of "Temptation Island." 

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