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A Final Bonfire Clip On 'Temptation Island' Leaves The Women Gasping In Shock And Horror

An explosive final bonfire on "Temptation Island" Season 4 has all the women aghast, especially at one particular clip.

By Becca van Sambeck
Temptation Island Girls Consoling Each Other

What kind of message does no message at all send?

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That's what Hania Stocker was left to grapple with at the close of last week's episode of "Temptation Island." The couples all got to send a video message to their partner, but only Ash Lamiroult chose not to send one, reasoning they wanted to say their piece to him in person. How will Hania react to this move? Well, let's see what happened in Episode 8 of "Temptation Island" Season 4 and find out.

What Happened On 'Temptation Island' Season 4, Episode 8?

The episode begins with a dramatic sight: Hania tearing up over a photo of Ash. "It's OK ... I know you just couldn't find the words to say ... I love you. I can't wait to see you," he whispers dramatically to photo-Ash. 

The real Ash, meanwhile, has a very different take on the monologue Hania left for them, complaining nothing is ever real or emotional or vulnerable with him. No photos of Hania are taken out to cry over.

But they aren't the only couple reeling from the video messages. Ashley Rodriguez is off with Blake Blumenshine, saying she doesn't want to go back to the Ashley of Day One and is concerned about her relationship with Lascelles Lagares. Iris Jardiel is off laughing with Deac Conti, who reminds her she should be setting ultimatums to Luke Wechselberger about not texting women he's hooked up with in the past for emotional validation (feels like this should be implied, not even an ultimatum, but OK). Gillian Lieberman, meanwhile, is again contemplating whether or not to take off her promise ring while cuddling with Tommy Soltis (nobody show Edgar this clip!).

Lascelles' whole deal with Trace Winningham seems more complicated than ever as they say "I love you" to each other, which is a really big step! But later, when Trace overhears him telling other girls he's excited about this step with Trace, but still wants to keep in touch with Ashley, Trace is devastated. She says she doesn't understand why he says he wants to be with her and is in love with her, but also wants to keep Ashley around.

Another pair that seems to have hit a roadblock? Ash and Taylor Patrick. Ash invites Taylor to do a sage cleanse to help her move on from Hania, but Taylor gets upset when Ash asks if people can change and references her concerns about whether Hania is the one for her.

Interestingly, Hania is once again being called out while at the beach with Karyna Auletta, after she asks him what he wants to know about her. Hania claims he isn't one for this kind of conversation and prefers to get to know people in a more meaningful way. Karyna rightfully points out that asking questions about each other is how you get to actually know someone, and utterly stumps him when she asks what Ash's favorite color is.

Edgar De Santiago, though, is moving full forward with his relationship, kissing Marissa Rodriguez as the sun sets and telling her he'll "pick" her if she "lets" herself be picked. That sure sounds like he's decided Marissa is the one for him!

As always on "Temptation Island," after the emotional talks and the romance, it's time for the partying. Deac hosts a "denim extravaganza" after claiming every other party was "dog water." The vibe for the denim party will be "Jell-O shots" and "splits." Deac does have his moment in the sun after he has the guys do a dance competition for the women, where he gets on Iris to gyrate and later attempts a flip. After almost breaking his neck, Iris is compelled to announce him the winner, which leads to Deac getting on his knees and howling as if he's just won the Super Bowl. It's a major moment for him.

Before the final bonfire, we're treated to both the single women and the single men gossiping about the couples. The women declare it would be a "major plot twist" if Lascelles goes home with Ashley, which is a little sad. Meanwhile, Deac and James Patterson predict Ashley is going to hurt Blake and ruthlessly mock Luke, who they call "a beta" because Iris says they split checks even though Luke allegedly makes a lot of money.

With that insight, we head into the final bonfire. Luke gets to see the guys calling him a tool based off of what Iris has said, which he seems to take in stride.

Lascelles watches Blake and Ashley share a romantic kiss, which makes him say he's happy for her. He loves Ashley, he tells host Mark L. Walberg but he's in love with Trace. Oh no, Ashley! Kiss Blake again! 

Hania tears up after watching Ash's (inexplicable) true joy at Taylor's song he wrote, claiming ultimately he is grateful to know he can feel so strongly about someone.

Edgar watches Gillian and Tommy make out in the shower, and although he acknowledges it makes him uncomfortable, he claims he can't be upset: He's "reached a level of intimacy" with Marissa.

Now, it's on to the final clips for the woman. Iris sees Luke yet again claiming Iris can't let go of the past and give him credit for what he has done to her. Iris seems to think this is legitimate constructive criticism, and tells Mark they came here because she wanted Luke to change, but she's realized she needs to change a little, too.

Ash is treated to the sight of Hania crying over their photo and expressing his anger Ash didn't leave him a message. Ash says again that they don't feel bad — all Ash wants to ask him is why there needed to be other women. As Mark puts it, that's quite to the point.

As usual, the clips get worse and worse. Ashley watches in horror as Lascelles and Trace exchange "I love yous," admitting it makes her feel like their seven years of dating were meaningless. But Gillian's clip is the one that has the other women gasping in horror.

Gillian smirks as she watches Edgar tell Marissa she's going to pick her — but that eye roll is replaced by genuine shock when she hears a very explicit and very clear clip of Edgar and Marissa having sex. Even the other women are aghast and appalled at the clip. What does this mean for Gillian and Edgar?

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