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Lap Dances And Toe Sucking: These Are The Wildest 'Temptation Island' Parties Yet

Every night in the "Temptation Island" villas is another wild party full of potential relationship mishaps.

By Tyler McCarthy

Couples who come on “Temptation Island” can swear left, right, and sideways that they will not cheat on their significant other. However, once the alcohol starts flowing and the music starts pumping, emotions run rampant and mistakes are often made. 

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Whether you’re in the guys or girls’ villa, every night is a good time. As a result, there have been some pretty wild parties on the island over the years. While some were just good, lighthearted fun, others mark the exact moment some couples realize their relationship is in a tailspin. 

In Season 4, for example, a lingerie party is all it takes for Edgar De Santiago to forget about his college sweetheart, Gillian Lieberman, and take his connection with Marissa Rodriguez to the next level. As fans wait to see what the fallout from that will be, we're taking a look at some of the wildest parties from past seasons of “Temptation Island.” 

Kaci Lets Loose While Kady Lets Too Loose (Season 1)

Temptation Island Season One Girls Partying

As Kaci Campbell celebrated no bonfire happening that night, she decided it was time to finally cut loose and have some fun in the house. So, she got a pretty great dance party going that allowed the whole house to let their hair down.

Shari Ligons felt the vibes and jumped in the middle of the dance floor to break it down. Not to be outdone, Kaci did a full split and started twerking. However, it’s Kady Krambeer that everyone was a bit worried about as she started to get hot and heavy with one of the singles despite being in a relationship with John Thurmond. 

“I have not been this loose and having fun and free and just doing my thing. It feels good,” Kaci said before turning her attention to her housemate. “Kady is my girl but she’s in a pickle right now. I don’t want to say she’s forgetting about John but ‘Temptation Island’ is starting to get to Kady for sure.”

Kady even mentioned aloud that she’s sure John would be jealous over seeing her act the way she’s acting, but noted she simply doesn’t care. 

Gavin Toes The Line In The Pool (Season 2)

Temptation Island Season Two's Gavin Rocker In The Pool with a woman

The single ladies decided to have a blackout party at the villa, but the men had other ideas. While everyone was getting dressed, they got the house ready for a glow party. Fortunately, it didn’t really matter as everyone got blackout drunk regardless. 

Rick Fleur almost busted his knees getting a lap dance while Casey Starchak did his best to keep Payton Burgess at arm's length. However, it was Gavin Rocker, who had remained pretty loyal to his girlfriend, Esonica Veira, who found himself in hot water. 

“Tonight is getting very physical very quickly,” he said. “You can feel it in the air like ‘OK, sniff sniff, it smells like sex.' I don’t know who is going to do it, but somebody is. Hopefully, it’s not me.” 

Hard cut to him drunk in the pool sensually sucking on Payton’s toes. Everyone was shocked to see that Payton was allowing it, given her crush on Casey — but it’s Esonica who had to see it at the bonfire and … well, she was not happy. 

The Devil Is In Kendal’s Ear (Season 3)

Temptation Island Season Three's Kendall And Alexcys On A Boat

It seems everyone had a little mischief in them at the angels and devils party at the guys’ villa. While Julian Allen literally fell backward in his chair to avoid getting a lap dance and upsetting his girlfriend, Kristen Ramos, others went a different way. 

Kendal Kirkland was vibing with Alexcys Horman all night. At one point he told her it was dangerous to look at her for more than 30 seconds. 

“You can look at me longer,” she said flirtatiously. 

So, when someone had the ill-conceived idea to play truth or dare, sure enough, things got steamy between them. When he was dared to give “someone” a lap dance, Alexcys was already sitting on his lap. What ensued was a very physical dance that would have gotten either of them thrown out of a strip club. It likely didn’t help Kendal’s relationship with Erica Washington that Alexcys reciprocated the lap dance. 

Ashley Is Done Being Sad And Wearing Clothes (Season 2)

Temptation Island Season Two's Ashley Howland In The Pool

Ashley Howland returned from a particularly tough bonfire feeling like she needed to let loose and stop “being sad about people who are being f***ing gross." (Take that, Casey.)

So, the two men vying for her attention all season, Deac Conti and Ben Knobloch, led the charge in springing an impromptu “anything but clothes” party for the household. What ensued was a wild night where, surprisingly, no one got into any trouble. After all, “Temptation Island” has its share of success stories in addition to its notorious dating disasters. 

The night saw the men dance, the women go “bonkers” (as Deac put it), and Ashley managed to let loose and stun the boys with her sultry dance moves. 

The Guys Do As The Romans Do (Season 2)

Temptation Island Season Two's David And Toneata flirting

In yet another wild night at the men’s villa in Season 2, everyone got down and dirty for a toga party. Although it’s significantly lower-stakes than some of the other parties that season (see the glow party above), it’s still one of the wildest nights in “Temptation Island” history. 

David Benavidez was making out with Toneata Morgan, Gavin was grinding with ladies left and right, and, in perhaps the most brazen declaration of the night (or any party ever for that matter), Payton declared her intention to “twerk 'til this toga falls right off my body.” 

“When in Rome, do as the Romans do,” Gavin said as the gang danced the night away and did their best to forget their troubles for one more night before it was ultimately time to face the consequences for what they did on “Temptation Island.” 

For some it worked out. For others, not so much — and they had some of these wild parties to thank for it. 

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