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USA Insider The McBee Dynasty: Real American Cowboys

Cole's "Finally" Official Girlfriend Kacie Opens Up About McBee Dynasty Relationship: "Best We've Ever Been"

Kacie clears up when she actually found out about Cole's time in Fort Worth.

By Stephanie Gomulka

One of the McBee Dynasty men seems to no longer be saddled with relationship woes. The ups and downs of Cole McBee and Kacie Adkison’s on-again, off-again relationship seem to be a thing of the past. 

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The McBee Dynasty: Real American Cowboys star spoke exclusively to USA Insider about their romance and opened up about what she thinks of the show so far.

“I know Cole’s the one,” Kacie said during the interview. “He just has to get a little better, but he has been amazing.”

Though she says they’re “nowhere near close,” she thinks they both see marriage in their future.

Kacie Clarifies If Cole McBee “Pre-Warned” Her About Fort Worth Trip and Confirms Whether or Not They Were Together

Cole kissing and then ditching another girl at the bar during a McBee boys’ trip on the show was hard for Kacie to watch.

“But I’m not mad at the fact that it happened,” Kacie furthered, confirming to USA Insider they weren’t officially together at the time of the Fort Worth trip. “I was just mad the way I found out.”

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Despite Cole previously telling USA Insider Kacie was “pre-warned” about what happened on the trip, she clarified she was not told beforehand and found out when they were about to first watch the show.

“I mean, I was ‘pre-warned’ before everyone else watched the show, but for me, no … he was just gonna let me sit there and watch it,” Kacie explained. “We were at a little party we were having for the show and I found out seconds before they played us the first episode.”

The family previewing the show with production quickly turned chaotic.

“All hell broke loose,” Steve Sr. previously told USA Insider about Kacie being asked about Fort Worth at the watch party.

Girl Talk About Boys: The McBee Dynasty: Real American Cowboys S1 E5 Highlight

Though finally watching was “hard,” they’re in a much better place in their relationship now, according to Kacie.

“I knew we weren’t together, and we are so good in our relationship now that I just, I hope nothing like that would ever happen,” Kacie said, later adding: “He was not my boyfriend at the time so I knew what I was signing up for when coming onto the show whenever we weren’t officially back together and it was just kind of all a part of the process.”

When asked about social media responses she sees about the show, Kacie says she gets “amazing” messages. She joked about playfully reading them each night to Cole.

“Every night before bed I just go through the comments and I read them all to Cole,” Kacie said. “I’m like, ‘Oh, this person thinks you’re dumb for what you did. This person thinks you need to keep me around.’”

She’s loved seeing support for their relationship, especially when Steve Sr. hasn’t always been as supportive, Kacie explained.

For any negative comments, Kacie can see both sides since she acknowledges they’ve had a “rocky” relationship. However, she thinks they’ve grown over their time together.

“I know what Cole and I have been through the last five years,” Kacie said confidently. “I just try to ignore those comments.”

The McBee star has poked fun at Cole’s actions before they went exclusive in videos online. One reads “POV: me watching my boyfriend drunk on national tv after he told me he’s being good,” paired with a trending sound on TikTok saying “I can’t do it.”

The clips garnered more than 900k views so far.

Everything to Know About Cole McBee’s “Finally” Official Girlfriend Kacie Adkison: “We’re Doing the Best We’ve Ever Been”

Kacie currently works selling insurance and loves her job, she said. 

“I friend-zoned [Cole] pretty hard and then once we started dating, we fully jumped into it,” Kacie said about the early stages of their relationship together. “[It's] probably why we’ve had so many relationship issues because we took no time at all.”

The couple met through a mutual friend five years ago.

“We have had a very long past,” Kacie said. “We were both just young and immature, but you see on the show we become finally official and ever since then we’ve been together and it’s been great so far.”

In Sseason 1, Episode 5, Cole and Kacie sit in the back of his pick-up truck and share snacks as he lets her know he’s “ready” and they make things official.

Kacie posted the scene on TikTok with the caption: “my favorite episode!”

“We’ve been inseparable ever since and it’s actually really cool that it we did have that moment on the show because I actually went back and watched it today,” Kacie said. “It’s really cool to just like watch that and see how far we’ve come from that moment too.”

Cole McBee’s Girlfriend Kacie Gives a Bottle Calf Update

Cole broke the news to USA Insider he gifted a bottle calf to Kacie instead of going the “flower route.”

“The cow has brought us closer together,” Kacie said of the baby cow named Dixie. “I actually told him the other night, this is the happiest I've ever been in my life.”

Cole even gifted her a second cow named June, Kacie said excitedly. They feed the cows together every day.

Flowers did recently pop up in a photo on Kacie’s Instagram story.

“Those weren’t actually from Cole,” Kacie admitted. “I went and bought those myself and I sent him a photo of them and he was texting like ‘Who sent you those,’ but maybe he'll see me by myself flowers and he'll go buy me flowers, but I'm fine with the cow route as well.”

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