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USA Insider The McBee Dynasty: Real American Cowboys

"Yellowstone Meets Succession": McBee Dynasty Men Break Down Reality Show & Bombshell Finale

The McBees reveal how they are handling Season 1’s shocking end ...

By Stephanie Gomulka

This story contains spoilers for The McBee Dynasty: Real American Cowboys Season 1.

The McBee Dynasty: Real American Cowboys wastes no time bringing viewers into the McBee family's wildly chaotic lives, with the USA Network and Peacock series focusing on the daily life (and nightlife) of the family behind their Missouri ranch and cattle farm.

How to Watch

Watch episodes ofThe McBee Dynasty: Real American Cowboys Mondays at 11/10c and the full series on Peacock. 

USA Insider has you covered with exclusive interviews and behind-the-scenes details.

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The four McBee brothers — Steve Jr., Jesse, Cole, and Brayden — all have different personalities, which leads to different visions for the future of the farm, according to Steve Jr. and Jesse. 

“Get ready for a deep dive into our family,” Jesse said, highlighting the ins and outs of running the farm shown in the initial season.

What to Expect from The McBee Dynasty: Real American Cowboys in Season 1

The family set out to be as “real as possible” when they started filming.

“We’re 100 percent authentic,” Jesse said. “None of the drama’s fake. It’s all real and it’s real to us and we were living it every day.”

Key art for The McBee Dynasty

They wanted to showcase "the good, the bad, the ugly," according to Jesse and Steve Jr.

"Who we are as real people, and with real people come mistakes," Steve Jr said, touching on some of the interpersonal drama caught on camera.

It's not all about business, though. Their labyrinth of love lives are also on display.

“Be ready for the relationship drama, the love affairs…mostly from my dad, and just all the crazy things that happen on our ranch there in northwest Missouri,” Jesse said.

Cole McBee, Steve McBee, Brayden McBee, Jesse McBee, and Steven McBee Jr. appear in Season 1 Episode 1 of The McBee Dynasty.

Steve Sr. finds himself caught between two women. Significant others reckon with what was caught on camera. Jesse hopes viewers can appreciate their family putting “it all out there.” In addition to life on the farm, there are sibling rivalries over who would take over officially one day.

“It’s Yellowstone meets Succession so it’s trying to survive in a tough industry like farming and ranching, showing the everyday struggles that we have and we’re not a cash-rich company,” Steve Jr. said. 

McBee Dynasty Season 1 Ending Explained, Why Did Steve McBee Step Down?

In the final episode of the season, Steve Jr. reveals to his brothers Cole and Jesse that their Dad "was not in the right mental state to be running this farm" and left him in charge for the time being.

“Taking a step back from the farm, I think that really it put a lot more of the responsibility on my shoulders to figure out how this operation was going to survive,” Steve Jr. said about leading the family business after his father abruptly left. “Not only survive, but thrive and grow, and how we work together as brothers knowing that, I am the decision maker at the end of the day and it’s led to some very challenging moments without a doubt and still challenging to this day.”

Cole expressed early on during the season his desire to take over being in charge when the day came. 

“He’s very slighted,” Steve Jr. said about his dad's decision to leave him in charge instead of Cole.

“He’s loved the farm more than anybody and he feels like ... that gives him every reason to, I guess, be in charge,” Jesse added. “Whether he would succeed at the or not may be a different question, but he definitely feels slighted and feels like he’s definitely the one that deserved it.”

Why Did Steve McBee Sr. Leave the Ranch?

Steve Sr. opened up about his decision to leave his top post at the company. The show details the family's desire to get a venture capital deal to expand and grow.

“I just needed like a break from them, a break from all the pressure,” Steve Sr. said.

Steve Jr.’s new tenure as the boss might be short-lived, though.

“It’s one of those things that sounds good to start with and then whenever you — when you get away from there for a minute, then...have withdrawals immediately and it’s something like, okay, I gotta get back,” Steve Sr. said about his time off. “I’ve worked seven days [a week] my entire life…There’s no way I can do this…I’m a problem solver. I mean, that’s what I do. I put fires out every day.”

Steve McBee appears in Season 1 Episode 2 of The McBee Dynasty

He likened his expertise to being a junior high school counselor.

“Dealing with people all day long just trying to mend fences both figuratively and literally,” Steve Sr. explained.

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