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USA Insider The McBee Dynasty: Real American Cowboys

Learn About Jesse McBee’s Wedding Day and the "Rough" McBee Dynasty Watch Party

A family screening of the McBee family's new reality show quickly descended into chaos.

By Stephanie Gomulka

This story contains spoilers for The McBee Dynasty: Real American Cowboys.

The McBee men will have to pick out their finest cowboy hats for Jesse’s upcoming nuptials as he shares a wedding date is on the horizon.

How to Watch

Watch episodes ofThe McBee Dynasty: Real American Cowboys Mondays at 11/10c and the full series on Peacock. 

The McBee Dynasty: Real American Cowboys gives viewers a front-row seat to the realities of the farming and ranching industry by following the McBees and their personal lives in rural Missouri.

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"We knew we had a very interesting story to tell with our farm and ranch and with all the personalities we have working in the operation and the personalities within our family," Steve McBee Jr. told USA Insider. "Getting to showcase that to America has been nerve-wracking, but very exciting at the same time."

Steve Jr. joins his brothers Jesse, Cole, and Brayden along with their dad, Steve Sr., on the new show. 

Do Jesse and Alli on McBee Dynasty have a wedding date?

Jesse popped the question to his longtime girlfriend Alli in the final episode of the first season. The long-awaited wedding day now has a date set for this year. 

Jesse McBee appears in Season 1 Episode 5 of The McBee Dynasty" Real American Cowboys.

“It’s this fall actually,” Jesse told USA Insider, adding they booked a local venue close to their home. “It’s planned for now unless something changes. There’s a lot happening in our lives, so I guess we’ll see.”

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Jesse admitted he’s taking a backseat when it comes to planning the big day.

“She’s basically been doing all the planning,” Jesse said. “I just say 'yes' to everything — so I, you know — we don’t get into any fights.”

Not every relationship in the family is ringing wedding bells, though.  

All the Details about the The McBee Dynasty: Real American Cowboys Watch Party

The family had a watch party together at Jesse’s new home before the official premiere, according to Steve Sr.

“I told everybody, listen, you know, there’s some stuff on here, you know, we’re all adults,” Steve Sr. told USA Insider, revealing some of a “15-minute family speech” he gave before the screening. “Everybody’s got to deal with it, you know, it was a year ago. Cole and Kacie were just getting back together. Steven and Calah, they’re on-again, off-again, but they were just kind of back together for a month before the show started and I’m like everybody needs to be adults."

However, the night didn’t go as Steve Sr. hoped. Shortly after his speech, someone from production joining them for the screening asked Kacie if she was “OK with what happened at Fort Worth,” according to Steve Sr. The question was referencing a guys trip that was filmed and set to be shown in the series.

“All hell broke loose at Jesse’s house,” Steve Sr. said. “And [Kacie] never watched. We had to make her leave.”

Steve Sr. does say he loves Kacie “to death,” but “it was not a fun night” as they spent an hour trying to get her to leave the house so they could start the first three episodes.

Jesse McBee and Cole McBee appear in Season 1 Episode 4 of The McBee Dynasty

“Then Calah had a meltdown,” Steve Sr. said, recounting how the rest of the night played out and thinking about the show finally airing to the public. “It was rough, so I don’t know. I don’t what’s gonna happen."

Stream all 10 episodes of The McBee Dynasty: Real American Cowboys now on Peacock. The series also airs Mondays at 11 p.m. ET on USA Network.