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USA Insider The McBee Dynasty: Real American Cowboys

Are Steven Jr. & Cole Still with Their Girlfriends? McBee Stars Explain Relationship Drama

The McBee Dynasty stars Steven McBee Jr. met his girlfriend Calah Jackson on Joe Millionaire, but are they still together today?

By Stephanie Gomulka

The men of The McBee Dynasty: Real American Cowboys may have appeared unencumbered by the cameras during filming but some became apprehensive about what was captured as the premiere inched closer.

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USA Insider interviewed Steve McBee Sr., and his two sons, Steven Jr. and Jesse, soon after to get the latest updates on their love lives and their anticipation surrounding the show’s release.

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“Going into this show, we told all of our family, like, 'hey, just be you,'” Steven Jr. said. “Don’t try to hide anything. Live your life as you authentically would, and I can say that my dad and Cole lived up to that and then some. They did not hide anything at all."

Jesse joined Steve Jr. in laughing as they reflected on their Dad and brother’s reactions to watching back their lives.

“They were probably surprised at how they actually are,” Jesse added through chuckles. “Rewatching…the episodes. They’re like, wow, really?”

Ahead of the premiere, Cole expressed concern to his dad about his girlfriend Kacie finally seeing the show.

Steve Sr. himself questioned whether or not his decisions surrounding his dating life could make him "look like a complete jerk to women."

“Cole called me, and he’s like, man this thing is gonna get ugly Monday,” Steve Sr. said. “He’s like, 'I’m so nervous when Kacie sees this.'”

Are Calah Jackson and Steven McBee Jr. Still Dating?

Calah and Steven Jr. take a walk in the barn together

The pair met on the reality show Joe Millionaire: For Richer or Poorer, a reality dating show, and are “going strong” since filming for McBee Dynasty started, according to Steven Jr.

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“Calah and I are doing really well,” he told USA Insider. “Whenever that show as being filmed, we were just getting back together after a break…We’ve had some ups and downs since Joe Millionaire and this new series got to showcase us working those things out and trying to get back together.”

Are Kacie and Cole McBee Still Together?

Kacie and Cole take a walk while wearing American flag apparel

For Cole, things are a little less clear cut on the relationship front.

“I think it depends on—depends on the day,” Steven Jr. said about his sibling’s relationship. “Last we heard, yes, but I mean it’s all up and down with Cole and Kacie.”

“It’s a rollercoaster every day,” Jesse added. “We don’t know, you know, even today…we got to get an update from them to know for sure.”

From Steve Sr.’s perspective Cole and Kacie are “probably closer now than ever.”

“I mean all relationships can be rocky, obviously they’re young and immature, and you know I’m not one to give relationship advice,” Steve Sr. said.

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