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USA Insider The McBee Dynasty: Real American Cowboys

The McBee Dynasty Patriarch Says Series Will Be "Most Realistic Reality Show" Out There

Find out why the McBees are the perfect family for new reality TV series.

By Stephanie Gomulka
The McBee Dynasty: Real American Cowboys Official Trailer

The family at the center of USA and Peacock’s latest reality show is preparing to bare it all.

How to Watch

Watch episodes ofThe McBee Dynasty: Real American Cowboys Mondays at 11/10c and the full series on Peacock. 

In addition to being the head of the family, Steve McBee is the owner and president of McBee Farm & Cattle company. In The McBee Dynasty: Real American Cowboys, the businessman joins his four sons — Steven Jr, Jesse, Cole, and Brayden — as they give viewers a taste of life on their Missouri ranch and farm.

What is The McBee Dynasty about? Hear from Steve McBee

“You guys are gonna learn a lot about the real pressures of working with the family," McBee told USA Insider, adding he started watching a lot other reality shows lately to try to prepare for their show to start airing.

"I was like, 'What are they like?'" McBee said wondering how their show will compare. “I would you know never belittle any other show, but I’m like…[The McBee Dynasty] will be the most realistic reality show that’s out there because everything that happens."

Steve McBee appears in Season 1 Episode 2 of The McBee Dynasty

The show follows their day-to-day operations and how McBee hopes to start more businesses while also dealing with theft and some possible animosity from other locals in the area. As the first episode will show, even a controlled burned on the farm can quickly turn into chaos.

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“We have a lot of ideas and I’m very blessed to work with the boys every day,” McBee said. “There’s definitely challenges that presents.”

The ups and downs of the farming business are not the only focus of the show. McBee, a divorcé, is exploring dating several women and finds himself in a love triangle of sorts as the show kicks off. One of his romantic interests is his company’s Chief Financial Officer, Galyna, which complicates things even more.

How Did the McBee Family Acclimate to Cameras Filming Them for New Show?

The family dynamics and business antics were not dramatized for filming, according to McBee, further clarifying: “This is real.”

Steve McBee

“Do you…want me to walk outside right now, because outside my office is a crushed escalade?” McBee said, describing how situations might seem wild when they happen on TV, but are really ordinary circumstances thrown their way from life on the farm. 

McBee opened up about filming with camera crews and anticipating the release of the first season as a family.

“I think it was probably more difficult for the girls,” McBee said, referring to the women in their lives. Though some of the McBee men don’t easily admit to relationship labels on the show, Steven Jr. is romantically linked to Calah, Jesse to longtime girlfriend Alli, Cole to Kacie, and Brayden to Aly.

The family recently held a “rough” viewing party at Jesse’s home and one of the women actually had to leave before the show even began because she was so upset about what she might see.

“All hell broke loose at Jesse’s house,” McBee said of the watch party. “Literally, they should have had cameras there. It’s not fake. It’s 100% real.”

Learn more about the family and their relationships watch.The McBee Dynasty: Real American Cowboys premiering on Peacock and USA Network on March 11. All 10 episodes of the series will stream on Peacock on Monday, March 11. The first episode of the series will also premiere on USA Network on March 11 at 11 p.m. ET and air weekly thereafter.