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USA Insider The McBee Dynasty: Real American Cowboys

Everything We Know About Steve McBee Sr.’s Ex-Wife Kristi & Their Divorce

The couple were married for 28 years, according to Steve Sr. 

By Stephanie Gomulka

Momma McBee has some thoughts about her sons and ex-hubby's actions on their new reality show. 

How to Watch

Watch episodes ofThe McBee Dynasty: Real American Cowboys Mondays at 11/10c and the full series on Peacock. 

The McBee Dynasty: Real American Cowboys follows the family who run a ranch and cattle farm in Missouri, among other businesses like their car wash. However, the show doesn't only follow the dramatic business side of things. From hookups to relationships without a label and even a sweet engagement — the relationships are McBee Dynasty's beating heart.

USA Insider spoke with Steve Sr. and Cole McBee separately to find out more about the matriarch of the dynasty and her reaction to the episodes.

Who is Steve McBee's Ex-Wife?

Kristi McBee is the mother of Steve Jr., Jesse, Cole, and Brayden and former wife of Steve Sr. 

“I’ll always love the boys’ mom,” Steve Sr. said. “I have the same mom with the same four kids.”

They were married for 28 years before splitting up, Steve Sr. said. Since the divorce, Steve Sr. says he doesn’t want to be in a full-time relationship, something that plays out throughout the season.

Closeup of Cole McBee

Separately, Cole emphasized that his mom, Kristi, is such a good person, calling her a “rock” in all of their lives.

She “definitely had some comments” about Steve Sr. on the show, Cole said. “That’s normal,” he added about his mom and dad’s relationship now. “She had to go through it too with him” 

Will we ever seen the McBee boys' mom on McBee Dynasty?

Cole said he would love to one day see her come on the show.

“I just don’t know if she will ever step on it just because she’s not really the person to be in the spotlight either,” Cole said. “Her and my brother Brayden are a lot alike. They kind of hang low.”

His mom has enjoyed watching her family, but was “embarrassed” and “not the proudest” about some of her sons' actions on the show, Cole said.

“She raised us to be very good young men and, around her, [we] wouldn’t be acting some of the ways we do ... around my dad,” Cole said, later adding: “There was some mistakes made and some things we did that I wish I wouldn’t have and I wish my mom wouldn’t have to see me do some things or say some things.”

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Cole thinks the reason his parents held together was to see their sons get through high school and make it out of the house before splitting up. Their decision to stay together while he and his siblings grew up is one he respects. 

“I think once we all kind of got out of the house, you know, once Brayden got out of high school and in college that kind of ... they were just like 'Well, why are we even trying anymore?'” Cole explained about their “pretty rough” marriage. “They’re fighting all the time and they’re just really butting heads and there was…a lot of problems happening so they just ended up splitting up after.”

Steve McBee Sr. still views his ex-wife Kristi’s father as a role model 

While his sons might look up to him in some ways, Steve Sr. has role models of his own. He acknowledges his own father and his work ethic.

“He could outwork three men,” Steve Sr. said of his dad. “We were dirt poor, but…he gave us obviously love and discipline and I always knew my dad was there for us.”

Another “big influence” in his life was Kristi’s father, who's passed away. But he also had his own business — something that Steve Sr. truly admired.

Steve McBee appears in Season 1 Episode 2 of The McBee Dynasty

“The conversations that we had…the dinnertime conversations were priceless,” Steve Sr. said of his ex-father-in-law. “He gave me a lot of good advice and we had a lot of very candid conversations.”

Keep up with the McBees and learn more by watching all of Season 1 of The McBee Dynasty: Real American Cowboys streaming now on Peacock. The series also airs Mondays at 11 p.m. ET on USA Network.