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USA Insider The McBee Dynasty: Real American Cowboys

Cole McBee Didn't "Go the Flower Route" to Apologize to Girlfriend Kacie: "I Went the Cow Route"

The McBee Dynasty star’s gesture is utterly romantic — and almost too cute.

By Stephanie Gomulka

This story contains spoilers for The McBee Dynasty: Real American Cowboys.

Cole McBee gifted his girlfriend a baby cow to get back in her good graces. Yes, you read that right: a baby cow.

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He joins his family in McBee Dynasty: Real American Cowboys, a new Peaock and USA Network reality show that dives into the family running a farm and their relationships, including Cole’s on-again, off-again relationship with his girlfriend Kacie.

“I’m like, boy, I’m an idiot sometimes, but it’s been really cool,” Cole said about the show finally reaching the public.

The rancher, brother, and son opened up to USA Insider about his relationship with Kacie and how he felt about the cameras capturing some of his more “embarrassing” moments.

Cole McBee Recently Gifted a Precious Bottle Calf to Kacie

The “win-win situation” started off with a cow giving birth to twins.

“Kacie really wanted a bottle calf and cow to call her own,” Cole explained about his inspiration for the present.

The calf’s mother was only claiming one of the twins, according to Cole, leading him to give Kacie the calf to bottle feed.

“She loves that thing like it’s her pet dog,” Cole said warmly. “She’s hanging out with it all the time in the barn. I decided to not go the flower route and chocolate, so I went the cow route.”

Kacie proudly posted her baby cow on social media and asked her followers for name ideas, saying: “Got to welcome this new girl to the farm over the weekend! My first cow to call my own!”

Daisy and Dixie are two names she’s now considering, Cole said.

Have Cole and Kacie Discussed the Fort Worth Trip?

A guys' trip to Fort Worth captured on camera caused a stir at a family watch party, Steve Sr. previously told USA Insider. The trip in question — which is seen on The McBee Dynasty — shows Cole attempting to resist the temptation of another girl at the bar after running into her for a second time. 

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“If I know my brother Cole, turning her down the first time was as hard as it ever was on him,” Jesse said in a confessional on the show about the interaction. “So, a second night, I don’t know if he has the strength to do it honestly.”

Cole is seen dancing and kissing the mystery girl on the dance floor and asking: “Am I leaving by myself tonight or what?”

“I guess you just gotta be humiliated enough times to learn to grow up in certain situations,” McBee Sr. said on the show about the hookup. “I guess that time hasn’t come yet for Cole.”

Kacie and Cole take a walk while wearing American flag apparel

Cole does eventually bolt from the fling while she’s in the restroom, noting in his confessional he and Kacie were not official at the time.

“I had a little bit of liquid encouragement that night,” Cole told USA Insider. “I was a little embarrassed and a little regretful the next day I should say when I woke up because I’m just like man, you know, I always have like post-drinking anxiety where I’m like, 'What did I do?'"

He confirmed that he and Kacie want to work through things.

“We’re actually the best we’ve been in a really long time right now,” Cole said about their current relationship status, confirming the pair have since talked about the episode and his actions.

“Kacie and I were definitely still working on things, and she knew that we weren’t together and that we were still kind of working on things and you know making sure we wanted to get back together,” Cole said. “Obviously, she didn’t like to see it and she didn’t like what I did, but I pre-warned her.”

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