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5 Wild Predictions For the 2023 WWE Draft

WWE will become near-unrecognizable if these predictions come true!

By Chris Phelan
Wwe Draft Predictions Promo

It's been a shocking 2023 for the WWE Universe so far. 

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If you asked the typical fan if they've been surprised by what's been happening throughout WWE in the first third of the year, we're positive they'd respond with a resounding "Yes." From living legends like Trish Stratus coming out of retirement to wreak havoc to Superstars like Cody Rhodes coming up short in his quest to dethrone Roman Reigns for the Undisputed WWE Universal Championship, it's already been a banner year for surprises. Beginning on Friday, the hits will keep coming – just like they've been coming ever since the WWE Draft was instituted 20 years ago.

With can't-miss episodes of RAW and SmackDown slated to host the best professional sports draft of the weekend (sorry, NFL), we have some wild predictions about what to expect. If only a handful of these come true, you'll know it was a legendary WWE Draft!

Roman Reigns Is Drafted To RAW

Wwe Draft Predictions Reigns

There isn't a bigger bomb that can be dropped onto WWE than Roman Reigns being drafted to RAW and taking the Undisputed WWE Universal Championship with him. Of course, such a move would come with huge ramifications. Not only would the newly-established World Heavyweight Championship become SmackDown-exclusive, but it would also give Roman a new slate of potential challengers. Seth Rollins, Bobby Lashley, Finn Balor, and yes, even Cody Rhodes would immediately top the list of Superstars with a claim to be the next challenger in Reigns' historic run as champion. 

He has spent years as a SmackDown Superstar, and the Tribal Chief taking his talents to Monday Night RAW would mean that the most prestigious title in sports entertainment would be front and center on the flagship WWE show once again. 

AJ Styles Is Drafted, Foreshadowing His Return

Wwe Draft Predictions Street Styles

With all the craziness across WWE lately, we'd forgive you if AJ Styles' prolonged absence hasn't crossed your mind. He suffered an ankle injury during a December WWE live event, and the rehab process has been slow. While recovering from a broken ankle isn't easy, it's infinitely more manageable to come back from than, say, a torn pectoral muscle, an injury that took Cody Rhodes the better part of a year to come back from. 

Without AJ Styles around, you may have noticed that his fellow OC teammates Gallows and Anderson have been rarely seen lately. Presumably, that will all change once Styles returns. We can't think of a better "get" for either brand than Styles being drafted and continuing his legendary career. While he has accomplished all there is to achieve in the world of professional wrestling, he still has plenty of gas left in the tank, making him an excellent choice to make his return to either RAW or SmackDown. 

The Street Profits Are Split Up

Wwe Draft Predictions Street Profits

Witnessing the Street Profits being split up would send shockwaves through the WWE Universe. Still, considering the team's longevity, it's time for Montez Ford and Angelo Dawkins to explore singles competition. Both athletes have toiled in the tag ranks for years now, amassing titles in NXT, RAW and SmackDown. So, there's nothing left to prove.

The true potential of the Street Profits will only be fully unleashed through both men going their separate ways. Ford and Dawkins are two of the best WWE athletes, and it's time to see what they're made of. Maybe they'll both fail, or perhaps they'll succeed. Either way, we think both Superstars would be up for the challenge!

Bianca Belair Is Drafted To SmackDown

Wwe Draft Predictions Belair

The EST of WWE has dominated the RAW women's division for a year. So, if you're a SmackDown executive in charge of the WWE Draft, why wouldn't you draft Bianca Belair? The blue brand can use serious star power ever since Rhea Ripley, a RAW Superstar, captured the SmackDown Women's title at WrestleMania. SmackDown desperately needs a shakeup, and swiping Bianca from RAW could be the shot in the arm the brand needs.

We assume Bianca would be all for the change in scenery. After all, she's decimated the entire division on RAW and is due for new challengers!

Bron Breakker Is Called Up From NXT

Wwe Draft Predictions Street Breakker

Finally, we think the ex-NXT Champion's number will be called at some point during the 2023 WWE Draft. Even though he's currently embroiled in a rivalry with current NXT Champion, Carmelo Hayes, his newfound aggressive streak has almost certainly captivated the decision-makers on both RAW and SmackDown.

Breakker is a generational talent who just held dominion over the entire NXT locker room for over a year – fans worldwide would be salivating to see how he would fare at the next level in WWE. Bron Breakker drafted to RAW or SmackDown is a no-brainer in the eyes of many!

Luckily, the WWE Universe doesn't have to wait too long to see if these predictions come true. The 2023 WWE Draft kicks off tomorrow night on SmackDown and finishes during RAW on Monday night!

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