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Cody Rhodes: Current WWE Storylines So Good We Don't Need A WrestleMania Return For The Rock

As WrestleMania gets closer, Cody is realizing he can handle the weight of WWE on his shoulders.

By Chris Phelan
Split image of Cody Rhodes and The Rock

The Royal Rumble came and went, and to the shock of many in the WWE Universe, one of its greatest Superstars did not return to stake his claim to the titles that Roman Reigns currently holds. 

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No, The Rock did not make his triumphant return to WWE at the Royal Rumble, nor has he made his return to RAW or SmackDown. As it turns out, those rumors were revealed to be just that: speculation. 

But Cody Rhodes isn’t sweating it. In fact, Cody is fine with the fact that The Rock isn’t coming back.

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Ever since The Rock called himself the true Head of the Table back in 2022, rumors were flying that The Rock would eventually return to WWE to challenge Roman Reigns for the Undisputed WWE Universal Championship at WrestleMania

But that hasn’t happened — yet. In true Cody Rhodes fashion, the 2023 Royal Rumble winner believes that the storylines being featured throughout WWE are strong enough to carry the company without The Rock’s involvement. During an interview with UK-based media outlet The Daily Mail, Cody spoke openly about how there are plenty of storylines — specifically mentioning his own title chase as well as the Bloodline saga — to propel the company to new heights. He specifically called out The Rock being not needed at the moment:

“With all the respect in the world to one of the GOATs — The Rock — it looks like the options we have here within the roster are even better because of the stories that are happening,” Cody said. “I think with the amount of time between now and WrestleMania, it’s important I keep my eyes squarely fixed on WrestleMania, squarely wrestling for the WWE Undisputed Championship.” 

While we are pretty sure no WWE Superstar would openly clamor that the company needs The Rock at this point, we’re sure the WWE Universe is happy with Cody’s statements — because whoever walks out of WrestleMania as the champion will be easily capable of handling the responsibility of carrying the company. For the past few years, Roman Reigns has proven he’s up to the task, and Cody’s words go a long way toward alleviating any doubt that he can do the same.

Still, Cody revealed he still finds himself lacking complete confidence over his present situation. After all, he’s never ascended to winning a true professional wrestling world title, but nevertheless, he’s invested in his own storyline just as much as the WWE Universe is.

“Now I don’t know if anyone can beat Roman Reigns — I truly don’t — but for me, it’s about picking up the chip,” he said. “I love the melodrama, I love the heaviness in these stories that develop in our industry, but I am very simply a man who’s looking for a belt. I’m looking for a championship title belt, the most important one in our world, the biggest in all — not just in the WWE bubble but in all the bubbles — and be the first to say as a Rhodes I did it. And it wasn’t Dusty Rhodes and it wasn’t Dustin Rhodes — it was Cody Rhodes.”

Nobody can deny that Cody Rhodes has been operating on a higher level ever since he came back from his devastating pectoral injury. Not only has he been without peer inside the ring, but he’s also been unafraid to speak from the heart whenever he has a microphone in his hands. Last night’s in-ring exchange he had with Paul Heyman was one of the more illuminating moments in recent history:

When Cody Rhodes speaks, the world listens. When Paul Heyman speaks, the world listens. Putting those two in the ring together created magic — and it cemented the importance of Cody’s journey on the Road to WrestleMania. (One quick look at that clip’s comment section tells you all you need to know, with many fans calling it one of the most emotional moments in Raw’s history.)

Before wrapping up his interview, Cody went on to reveal his mindset ever since he returned to WWE last year. Unlike many other professional wrestlers, Cody keeps his focus solely on his own on-screen storylines. He’s just not interested in becoming ensnared in real-life behind-the-scenes drama: 

“I don’t need to be caught up in whatever is happening behind the scenes,” he said. “Those stories can be fun but I need my story on the screen to be the more important story. For that to happen I need to be at the very best. Best as a Superstar, best as a wrestler because then the other stuff will come. You won’t have to worry about does he like me, does she like me, do they like me.”

Even if Cody doesn’t worry about whether the WWE corporate brass and fellow Superstars like, he can wake up every day knowing that he has the full support of his fanbase behind him. 

Will Cody Rhodes achieve his lifelong dream and walk out of WrestleMania the Undisputed WWE Universal Champion?

In less than two months, we’ll find out.

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