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Bianca Belair Realizes She and Asuka Need to 'Put It All On the Line' at WrestleMania

The long-reigning RAW Women’s Champion vows to put on a show for the WWE Universe!

By Chris Phelan
Bianca Belair holding her long braid in her right hand with both arms outstretched. She is smiling.

In what will be Bianca Belair's toughest test yet, the RAW Women's Champion will find herself in the ring against Asuka this weekend at WrestleMania, and fans worldwide are torn on their predictions of who will walk out of SoFi Stadium with the title.

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Despite holding the championship for nearly a year and enjoying one of the most dominant title reigns in women's history, a successful defense at WrestleMania isn't a foregone conclusion. It's no secret that many members of the WWE Universe view Bianca as the underdog in this matchup, attributing to Asuka becoming seemingly unstoppable in the past few months.

Earlier today, USA Insider's Tara Bennett caught up with Bianca Belair herself — and the champion wasn't shy about acknowledging the hurdle Asuka represents.

"To be able to step into the ring with Asuka, I'm excited," Bianca admitted. "She won Elimination Chamber this year to get to me, and I won Elimination Chamber last year to get the title, so I'm excited. She's fast, she's hard-hitting — it's going to be an athletic match. I don't think there's any other match at WrestleMania that'll have our dynamic. We're just two competitors with the same goal. You know, she's never gotten her big WrestleMania win and if I win, it'll be a three-peat for me. So we're both going to put it all on the line."

Although Bianca made it clear to us that she isn't looking past Asuka in any way, we had to ask questions about her career thus far in WWE. By any measure, she's surpassed all expectations and has already accomplished so much. It sounds funny, but we openly wondered what kind of goals Bianca still wants to check off her list, considering she's already seemingly done it all.

"Whenever someone asks what my goals are in WWE, it's really hard for me to answer it because you never know what's going to happen and what opportunity is going to present itself," she admitted. "So I always just try to keep in mind that my goals are whatever opportunities are in front of me."

Big picture, however: She has an idea of how she wants to be remembered when everything is all said and done, echoing a similar statement Karrion Kross made to USA Insider last year.

"My overall goal is to have a legacy that is not just people remembering what I did, but remembering how I made them feel," she said. Aside from that noble goal, Bianca mentioned that she sees being an ambassador to WWE as part of her duties as champion. "I want to continue to take this title to as many places as I possibly can outside the wrestling world to bring more eyes to this product," she told us.

Speaking of taking her title to places outside the wrestling world, we naturally had to ask Bianca about her recent success in bodybuilding and fitness – not an easy task for any active WWE Superstar, let alone a major champion!

"You know, when I decided to do the fitness competition, I gained so much respect for the people in that industry," she revealed. "And especially trying to do it at the same time as having a championship schedule in WWE, it was a little crazy. But it was a goal that I had, and I wanted to accomplish, and I went and did it, and I went and got my pro card. I'm just a person who wants to make my world as big as possible and accomplish as many goals as I can. Fitness is in the forefront of my mind and I always want to be the girl that represents, you know, the woman with the muscles."

With all the success she's had in WWE, it should be no surprise that her competitive desire to win has also translated well into the world of fitness. Her superhuman strength is regularly displayed every time she steps into the ring, a true testament to her fitness regimen. 

As for Bianca Belair's WrestleMania plans, we can't wait to see if her historic title reign continues; she's just a few days shy of holding the RAW Women's Championship for a full calendar year.

Unless, of course, Asuka has anything to say about it. 

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