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Watch Paul Heyman Hype Up Roman Reigns WWE RAW Arrival Ahead Of WrestleMania

Paul Heyman is a shameless Roman Reigns promoter, and it's in full swing in this video hyping his RAW appearance.

By Tyler McCarthy
Split image of Roman Reigns and Paul Heyman

Roman Reigns dropped by RAW on Monday and, as the Tribal Chief is known to do, had his number one hype man, Paul Heyman, tease his arrival to the entire WWE Universe in his usual over-the-top, fawning style. 

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Reigns had some house cleaning to do within The Bloodline at RAW on Monday in addition to trying to put the fear of God into his WrestleMania 2023 opponent, Cody Rhodes. Ahead of the big show, Heyman took to Twitter to share a video of himself hyping up Reigns’ arrival and demanding that everyone in the crowd and watching at home take notice and pay deference. 

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“Ladies and gentlemen, my name is Paul Heyman. Exciting news, breaking news right now! I’m leaving for the private airport because the head of the table, Roman Reigns, has landed in St. Louis!” he said to USA Network before transparently currying more favor with his boss. “The Tribal Chief, Roman Reigns, will be here live and you will acknowledge him.”

Although Heyman was excited for Reigns to show up and make a splash on RAW, his arrival turned out to be a tense occasion as the Superstar attempted to get his house in order before his big bout with Rhodes at WrestleMania. It feels like The Big Dog of The Bloodline has nothing to sweat over if he’s got his family behind him. However, what transpired at RAW left the big man sweating nonetheless. 

He began by confronting Jey Uso about his loyalty to the faction after he’d been in and out of Bloodline priorities for weeks. Fortunately, he reasserted his devotion to Reigns’ liking. However, the Tribal Chief immediately tested that by separating him and Jimmy Uso from Solo Sikoa for a private conversation. The duo later found themselves in the ring face-to-face with Rhodes, who got personal with Reigns and predicted that after he loses at WrestleMania in Hollywood, The Bloodline will turn on him, including his number one devotee, Heyman. The cracks already started to show when Solo refused to immediately exit with Reigns and Heyman, opting instead to stay back and try to take on Rhodes.

Reigns ended his night on RAW by putting a stop to that, but in turn, let Solo take a humiliating kick to the face by the man who seeks to end the entire Bloodline with one win at WrestleMania. Solo likely won't forget that moment any time soon. Can Reigns keep his family together in the face of an onslaught by Rhodes? Fans will just have to see how it all shakes out at WrestleMania to find out. 

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