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Hulk Hogan Wants To Be Newest Bloodline Member As Rep Pushes Back Against Injury Rumor

This Superstar was caught pitching his case to Paul Heyman himself!

By Chris Phelan
Hulk Hogan ripping his shirt off

After the events of the Royal Rumble, it’s clear that the Bloodline is in shambles — and can perhaps use a helping hand.

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Thanks to one steel chair shot to the back of Roman Reigns thanks to Sami Zayn, the faction that has dominated the WWE landscape has been left to currently reside in a state of confusion. Sure, Roman Reigns still holds the Undisputed WWE Universal Championship but cracks have started to show in the group’s façade.

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Sami Zayn took to Twitter on Tuesday to give the WWE Universe an update on his standing with the Bloodline, and well, it was heartbreaking:

Meanwhile, Jey Uso’s standing in the Bloodline is shrouded in mystery, as he walked out of the Alamodome on Saturday, refusing to participate in his family’s post-match beatdown of Zayn. At the moment, we’re unsure where exactly Jey’s allegiance lies.

We did the math and we realize that there may be an opening (or two) in the Bloodline — and you’ll never guess who wants to stand next to Roman, Paul, Jimmy, and Solo:

Hulk Hogan.

In a backstage video posted by WWE’s official TikTok account, the 12-time world champion is shown begging Paul Heyman for a spot in the Bloodline. We’re not sure how serious Hogan is, but he sure speaks the language of the Bloodline, repeatedly saying “I wanna be Uced up” and talking about how he “needs the Uce juice” after seemingly turning his back on his own history.

“I’m sick of this Hulkamania crap,” Hogan said, clearly channeling his 1996 Hollywood Hogan persona.

Heyman himself was clearly amused by Hogan’s plea to join the faction, as he could barely keep a straight face as Hogan was giving his pitch.

It’s an enticing offer for the Bloodline for sure, but assuming Hogan is serious about his proposal, one question remains: is Hogan healthy enough to make this kind of commitment?

Rumors have been flying lately over the health of Hulk Hogan, as Kurt Angle reported on his own podcast tha the Hulkster has no feeling in his legs due to nerve complications and has to walk with a cane, which honestly confused us a bit because Hogan looked pretty good at Raw XXX last week.

Kurt Angle must passed along some bad information, because thankfully Entertainment Weekly reached out to Hogan’s rep, and it has been revealed that the 69-year-old Hall of Famer is doing quite well health-wise:

“Everything is OK with him. Hulk is someone with a lot of humor,” his rep reassured EW, alluding to the fact that Angle may have just been making a joke on his podcast. Hogan’s rep went on to clarify that Hogan does not need a cane to walk and he’s “not paralyzed.”

So does this seemingly positive bill-of-health mean the WWE Universe could soon see the Immortal Hulk Hogan in the Bloodline?

You shouldn’t hold your breath.

While it’s great to hear that Hogan has been keeping up to date with the latest WWE storylines, there simply isn’t a place for the Hulkster in the Bloodline. They don’t need a larger-than-life dominant Superstar in the group, because they already have Roman Reigns. They don’t need a behind-the-scenes genius pulling the strings, because they already have Paul Heyman. Simply put: even though the Bloodline’s ranks have been decimated, there is no place for Hulk Hogan in the group.

He’s just not needed.

While we’re sure Paul Heyman and the Bloodline appreciate Hogan’s offer, they have more pressing matters to attend to: namely, the fallout following Sami Zayn’s betrayal, and Roman Reigns’ upcoming WrestleMania title defense against Cody Rhodes.

We’re pretty sure everything involving the Bloodline is going to get even more intense in the upcoming weeks.

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