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Jey Uso Finally Accepts Sami Zayn As A Full-Fledged Member Of The Bloodline. What Now?

The group’s final holdout posted a simple message on Instagram, signifying a long-awaited change of heart.

By Chris Phelan
Sami Zayn and The Bloodline in the ring together

In true WWE fashion, Jey Uso took to social media to react to the Bloodline’s monumental victory at Survivor Series on Sunday with two words directed at Sami Zayn.

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But they were not the two famous words DX made popular during the Attitude Era. Instead, it was a show of solidarity, support, and acceptance from a man who had been leery of Sami’s involvement with the faction for months.

Those two words? “MY DAWG,” accompanying a photo of the two men embracing at the conclusion of one of the most dramatic main events in recent WWE memory. And with those two words, Sami Zayn has finally received what he’s so desperately craved: Respect from Jey Uso, the last remaining member of the Bloodline who still had their reservations about Sami’s involvement.

It’s been quite a ride for Sami. After seemingly randomly interjecting himself into the Bloodline’s business, he’s been slowly but surely being welcomed by all members with open arms. Solo Sikoa and Jimmy Uso were quick to see the benefits of Sami being part of the group, with Roman Reigns himself eventually following suit. Jey was always the holdout — full-on suspicious of Sami at worst and annoyed at best.

While the WarGames match at Survivor Series had all the twists and turns of some of the best matchups in wrestling history, arguably the most memorable moment came when Sami saved Roman Reigns from a surefire pinfall loss by physically stopping the referee from counting to three. It was a decision that shocked both the sold-out crowd in attendance and the Superstars competing in the ring. Leading up to Survivor Series weekend, the WWE Universe was buzzing with speculation that Sami would reveal his true alliance to long-time frenemy Kevin Owens, who (conveniently) was a late addition to the match. After all, while it’s true that Sami became an Honorary Uce, surely that would pale in comparison to the brotherhood that he and Kevin Owens have forged throughout their lives, right?

Wrong. As it turns out, there’s no stronger bond than the one between the members of the Bloodline. And just like that, the star-studded WarGames team composed of Drew McIntyre, Kevin Owens, and the Brawling Brutes became the latest Superstars to fall at the hands of the Bloodline.

Of course, while what happened during WarGames may seem like a surprise to somebody like Jey Uso, it’s a testament to what Sami himself has been saying all along. In an exclusive interview with USA Insider last month, he predicted this exact scenario would eventually happen: “At the end of it all, family fights, right? I don’t think I need to fight for Jey’s respect – I just think I have to wait for him to accept this whole thing,” Sami told us.

With Sami’s allegiance finally proven to Jey Uso — the man who’s been cynical of Sami’s involvement from day one — the sky is truly the limit for the Bloodline. In practical terms, it will probably cause a ripple effect throughout the group, leading to the title reigns currently enjoyed by Reigns and the Uso brothers to continue without an end in sight. Sami himself predicted it himself last month, actually.

“I know this might sound crazy, but another year — maybe two — might not be out of the question at this point for the Usos and for Roman. And especially — not to give myself too much credit here — with the Honorary Uce on board and also Solo Sikoa, it’s kind’ve renewed the lease on The Bloodline. And I don't want to say it’s been revitalized because it was never in need of that, but the group has gotten a whole new dimension where two years from now we could still be going strong. As far as our dominance goes, I think it would be foolish to predict we’re near the end,” he said, not yet realizing that this prophecy would be even more accurate a month later after what went down at Survivor Series.

Certainly, Sami can see what lies on the road ahead for the Bloodline. And we’re pretty sure that no matter what crosses their path, the group is operating on a level previously unseen in professional wrestling history. With the Bloodline hitting on all cylinders and showing no sign of slowing down, if the world thought they were unstoppable a month ago, it’s become increasingly clear that they haven’t even hit their peak yet.

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