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Watch AJ Styles' Mind Get Blown On Difficult NASCAR Track With Corey LaJoie: 'Pretty Intimidating'

WWE Superstar AJ Styles took a ride in "Race For The Championship" star Corey LaJoie's world when he took a tour of Charlotte Motor Speedway.

By Tyler McCarthy

The worlds of WWE and NASCAR are colliding in a way only USA Network can deliver. 

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In a new video titled “Welcome To My World,” WWE Superstar AJ Styles joins “Race For The Championship” competitor Corey LaJoie for a tour of Charlotte Motor Speedway, arguably one of the most difficult road tracks in the world. LaJoie and his fellow NASCAR professionals take him through a day in their life to give him an idea of just how hard they work and the complexities that go behind getting a stock car through an average race weekend. 

It’s safe to say the overall experience totally blows The Phenomenal One’s mind. 

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Their tour starts with Styles and LaJoie meeting on the track for a little walk in which the driver breaks down what makes The Roval such a scary track to navigate. After taking a few minutes to break down how they got into their respective sports, LaJoie starts to mentally prepare Styles for his upcoming experience on the track. 

“You guys will be going in the ride-along probably 155-160 and you’ll probably only slow down to about 40.” 

“This is pretty intimidating,” a nervous yet excited Styles says. 

With that, the Superstar dons an NBC Sports firesuit and meets up with legendary analyst and former driver, Jeff Burton, who is ready to stick him in the passenger seat and take him for a lap around the Roval. 

“You ever done anything like this?” Burton asks.

“Never,” he responds. “I’ve been in my car, that’s about as fast as I go, which isn’t very fast.” 

Next, they’re off. Styles sits in the passenger seat of a stock car while Burton opens it up around the track. The Superstar is smiling the entire time but is clearly unprepared for just how physically taxing it is just being in the racecar as it’s hitting the curves and jumping back up to speed on the straightaways. 

“I hope this is the last lap because I’m going to spew everywhere,” he says. 

Styles later admits the constant change of pace truly made him sick and he fully believes he would have vomited if he hadn’t skipped breakfast that day. 

“I can tell you this,” he tells Burton. “You guys seem like you take a beating in this car because, at this speed, it’s unbelievable. Your body just has to take a lot of abuse just like we do in the WWE.” 

When he reconnects with LaJoie, Styles can’t help but marvel at just how much decision-making has to go on a break-neck speed. 

“I didn’t know there was no speedometer in there. It changes everything because you’ve got to be smart about your next move and how you do it,” he says while still reeling from the experience. “It’s so different than anybody could ever explain. I can’t explain it to you, you’d have to experience it.” 

On race day, where Styles was the honorary race director of the Bank of America Roval 400, Styles got the chance to connect with LaJoie’s pit crew members and learn all about the physicality they have to have to do their job effectively. He capped off the day by sitting in the passenger seat again in the pace car to help get the race started.


After his experience, Styles was really excited about all the things he’d learned and tried in his short visit to a race track. So much so, that he wanted to return the favor to LaJoie. He ends the video by personally inviting him to Monday Night RAW to see what his world is like. 

You can watch “Race For the Championship” every Thursday at 10/9c on USA Network. You can catch up on RAW on Peacock right now.